13. Computation of degrees. (1) For the purposes of determining the order of succession among agnates or cognates, relationship shall be reckoned from the intestate to the heir in terms of degrees of ascent or degrees of descent or both, as the case may be. (2) Degrees of ascent andKEEP READING

14. Property of a female Hindu to be her absolute property. (1) Any property possessed by a Female Hindu, whether acquired before or after the commencement of this Act, shall be held by her as full owner thereof and not as a limited owner. Explanation- In this sub-section, “property” includesKEEP READING

15. General rules of succession in the case of female Hindus. (1) The property of a female Hindu dying intestate shall devolve according to the rules set out in section 16- (a) firstly, upon the sons and daughters (including the children of any pre-deceased son or daughter) and the husband;KEEP READING

16. Order of succession and manner of distribution among heirs of a female Hindu. The order of succession among the heirs referred to in section 15 shall be, and the distribution of the intestate’s property among those heirs shall take place, according to the following rules, namely:- Rule 1– AmongKEEP READING

17. Special provisions respecting persons governed by Marumakkattayam and Aliyasantana laws. The provisions of sections 8, 10, 15 and 23 shall have effect in relation to persons who would have been governed by the marumakkattayam law or aliyasantana law if this Act had not been passed as if- (i) forKEEP READING

GENERAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO SUCCESSION 18. Full blood preferred to half blood. Heirs related to an intestate by full blood shall be preferred to heirs related by half blood, if the nature of the relationship is the same in every other respect. Hindu Succession Act full bare act on oneKEEP READING

19. Mode of succession of two or more heirs. If two or more heirs succeed together to the property of an intestate, they shall take the property- (a) save as otherwise expressly provided in this Act, per capita and not per stripes; and (b) as tenants-in-common and not as jointKEEP READING

20. Right of child in womb. A child who was in the womb at the time of death of an intestate and who is subsequently born alive has the same right to inherit to the intestate as if he or she had been born before the death of the intestate,KEEP READING

21. Presumption in cases of simultaneous deaths. Where two persons have died in circumstances rendering it uncertain whether either of them, and if so which, survived the other, then for all purposes affecting succession to property, it shall be presumed, until the contrary is proved, that the younger survived theKEEP READING

22. Preferential right to acquire property in certain cases. (1) Where, after the commencement of this Act, interest in any immovable property of an intestate, or in any business carried on by him or her, whether solely or in conjunction with others, devolve upon to two or more heirs specifiedKEEP READING

23. Special provision respecting dwelling houses. Where a Hindu intestate has left surviving him or her both male and female heirs specified in class I of the Schedule and his or her property includes a dwelling-house wholly occupied by members of his or her family, then, notwithstanding anything contained inKEEP READING

24. Certain widows remarrying may not inherit as widows. Any heir who is related to an intestate as the widow of a pre-deceased son, the widow of a pre- deceased son of a pre-deceased son or the widow of a brother shall not be entitled to succeed to the propertyKEEP READING

25. Murderer disqualified. A person who commits murder or abets the commission of murder shall be disqualified from inheriting the property of the person murdered, or any other property in furtherance of the succession to which he or she committed or abetted the commission of the murder. Hindu Succession ActKEEP READING

26. Convert’s descendants disqualified. Where, before or after the commencement of this Act, a Hindu has ceased or ceases to be a Hindu by conversion to another religion, children born to him or her after such conversion and their descendants shall be disqualified from inheriting the property of any ofKEEP READING

27. Succession when heir disqualified. If any person is disqualified from inheriting any property under this Act, it shall devolve as if such person had died before the intestate. Hindu Succession Act full bare act on one page. Download beautiful, colourful Hindu Marriage Act PDF.KEEP READING

28. Disease, defect, etc not to disqualify. No person shall be disqualified from succeeding to any property on the ground of any disease, defect or deformity, or save as provided in this Act, on any other ground whatsoever. Hindu Succession Act full bare act on one page. Download beautiful, colourfulKEEP READING