133. Warranty of solvency of debtor. Where the transferor of a debt warrants the solvency of the debtor, the warranty, in the absence of a contract to the contrary, applies only to his solvency at the time of the transfer, and is limited, where the transfer is made for consideration,KEEP READING

134. Mortgaged debt. Where a debt is transferred for the purpose of securing an existing or future debt, the debt so transferred, if received by the transferor or recovered by the transferee, is applicable, first, in payment of the costs of such recovery; secondly, in or towards satisfaction of theKEEP READING

135. Assignment of rights under policy of insurance against fire. Every assignee by endorsement or other writing, of a policy of insurance against fire, in whom the property in the subject insured shall be absolutely vested at the date of the assignment, shall have transferred and vested in him allKEEP READING

135A. Assignment of rights under policy of marine insurance. [Rep. by the Marine Insurance Act, 1963 (11 of 1963), sec.92, (w.e.f. 1-8-1963).] Transfer of Property Act full bare act. Download Transfer of Property Act PDF.KEEP READING

136. Incapacity of officers connected with Courts of Justice. No judge, legal practitioner or officer connected with any Court of Justice shall buy or traffic in, or stipulate for, or agree to receive any share of, or interest in, any actionable claim, and no Court of Justice shall enforce, atKEEP READING

137. Saving of negotiable instruments, etc. Nothing in the foregoing sections of this Chapter applies to stocks, shares or debentures, or to instruments which are for the time being, by law or custom, negotiable, or to any mercantile document of title to goods. Explanation- The expression “mercantile document of titleKEEP READING