There is no major difference. In rupees 320 you get everything shown below. In rupees 200 you get only the law notes on 100 important topics.

So, in short, if you buy the 320 rupees study material, then you do not need to buy the law notes for 200 rupees, because they are already included in the 320 pack.

What you get in 320 rupees:
1. 53 full bare acts
2. 100 important law notes
3. 10 PDFs having a list of important sections
4. 300 useful short Q&A
5. 121 most used legal maxims with easy meaning
6. 7 new amendments explained in easy words

What you get in 200 rupees:
1. 100 important law notes (same ones mentioned above)

Buy Full Law Study Material: 320

Buy Only Law Notes: 200

Law PDFs and MCQ Tests