In March 2018, I created this website.

By end of March 2018, there were 200 posts (bare acts) on this website.

On 18th November 2018, got first contribution of ₹100.

By end of March 2019, there are 3700 posts (bare acts, individual bare act sections, articles, law notes, Q&A, PDFs etc) on this website.


November 2018
Total- ₹170

December 2018
Total- ₹111

January 2019
Total- ₹1141

February 2019
Total- ₹435
On 25th February I received two amounts – ₹50 and ₹100. I guess both were by same person.
Since full phone number is not shown to me; Paytm for Business app just shows initial and end digits of the phone number and not the full phone number I can only guess. However I am treating both these as from same person. This is the first time same person donated twice.

March 2019
Total- ₹5000 + ₹1757
On 8th March I received ₹5000.
A nice person messaged WritingLaw on its Facebook Page asking for PDFs so that he can help other law students. Total we exchanged 2 Facebook Messages and 6 emails. The main part of our conversation is by the first and second email screenshots below. I thank this person very much for his huge help.

I hope I have been transparent with all you lovely readers. This website is alive and ad-free because of your help.

WritingLaw Contribution WritingLaw Contribution 2

April 2019

May 2019


Please help. Any amount, tiny, small or big is equally helpful. Rupees 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 500, 10000 or any amount is very very very helpful.

I can not keep this website online and ad-free without your help. Just out of college and unemployed, I need your support for this website.

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Thank you for helping this website and helping me. It means a lot. I might not know you but I know that your contribution helps this website which is my dream project.

Now I know that not everyone can contribute. Not everyone is financially capable to contribute. Many might not even have a Paytm account or Debit Card even if they wanted to help. I understand as I too am a student like you.


Whether you choose to contribute or not, the contents of this website are free for all of you.

I am very grateful that you visited my website. At end of the day, when I see the daily website statistics, it feels nice. When at late hours like 2AM or 4AM I am working on the website and I see 1 online visitor or 2 online visitors, it feels amazing knowing that someone is awake and learning something from my website at this hour! It feels very satisfying!

I would continue to maintain and keep this dream project of mine alive, ad-free, fast and regularly updated for as long as I can…

Thank You very much for reading this.
Have a great day ahead.


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