53 Full Bare Acts + 300 Short Q&A + 121 Legal Maxims + 100 Law Notes on 100 Important Topics + 18 New Important Amendments Explained + List of Important Sections of 10 Essential Bare Acts

30 online tests of 100 MCQs each + PDFs of these test questions and their correct answers.

BOTH: ₹1325
In Rs 1325, you get all the Law PDFs and all the Law MCQ Tests.
Separately both cost Rs 1890. But when you buy together, there is a discount of ₹565.

About the MCQ Tests

» These MCQ tests are for law students, exam candidates, advocates, judges, and people in the legal field.
» The tests are helpful and important for Judiciary, CLAT, AIBE, college exams, and all legal competitive exams.
» For advocates, judges, and people working in the legal field, these tests help you evaluate, strengthen, and stay on track with law knowledge.
» Mixed exam-like tests give you a taste of the actual exam.
» Subject-wise tests help you master that subject to perfection.
» You can take the tests whenever you are comfortable – day, night, anytime you want.
» You can also retake the tests multiple times.
» You can effortlessly take these tests on your phone, tablet, and computer.
» Along with the tests, you also get the test PDFs. These PDFs have the same test questions with their correct answers.

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