Here are Law PDFs that will be useful for your college degree as well as preparation for law exams. These Law Study Material PDFs are carefully made and will be life long useful.

Whether you are a college student or an Advocate, Bare Acts are essential and backbone for everything in Law. The whole package is affordably priced for everyone.


Law PDF Bare Act List

Bare Act PDFs here are updated. Case names are shown in green. The headings are shown in orange. Section names are made bold. All this makes them colourful and very pleasing to read.

Fonts are big, and thus they feel comfortable on your eyes. You will be able to read bare acts from these PDFs for long durations.

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Most importantly,
Bare Acts from WritingLaw have blue internal links! In just one click, you can read that related section in your browser. It is beneficial, time-saving, and does not break your reading flow.

For Example-
Section 100 of CrPC has a mention of section 187 of IPC.
 Now students, while reading section 100 of CrPC, may not know or remember what section 187 of IPC is. It will take time to find that section in a different bare act or type in Google search.
 What I have done is that I have given links for these sections right there. Clicking on it will instantly take you to that section in your browser.

You will not find such features anywhere else! These PDFs will serve you well and make your reading calm and inviting. Take a look.

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Bare Acts PDFsPlus,
With the purchase of 51 Bare Acts, you get all the below mentioned PDFs for free.


There are 54 law notes on 54 important topics. Out of 54 topics, few topics are from Constitution, and few topics are from CrPC, few from Contract Act, few from Partnership Act, few from the Evidence Act, few from Muslim Law, and so on.

These law notes are easy to understand. They are combined in a 238 page PDF. Additionally, the same law notes are also given as separate PDFs so you can read one topic at a time.

Law notes are short, on-point, and well written. These topics are essential and asked in almost every law exams like CLAT, Judiciary, State Exams, etc. as MCQ or as written questions.Law Notes Grid 1


There is a PDF of 100 questions that have one word or one sentence answer.

Another PDF has 118 famous legal maxims with their easy English meanings. These are used a lot in courts, legal paperwork and asked in law exams.

There is also a PDF that has the top 7 new amendments of the year 2018 and 2019 explained in straightforward words. It is essential even for non-law exams.

Why should I buy these PDFs?
Please ask yourself why do you spend money on books or coaching or travelling to college? Also, if you buy even 2 bare act books it will cost you more than 191 rupees. Here for the same amount you are getting 51 amazing Bare Acts and many other Law PDFs!

What about new PDFs that you make in future?
I send all new PDFs I make and all PDFs I update for free, to everyone who buys.

What if I accidentally delete the PDFs or change phone?
You will have the Bare Acts online in your Email. Also, you can send a message on WhatsApp and I will send everything again, as many times as you like.

Everything for ₹191
(51 bare acts, 54 law notes, 100 short Q&A, 118 maxims with meanings, 7 important new amendments explained in easy words)



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Instantly I will send all PDFs on WhatsApp (so it is on your phone) and also on Email (so it is safely saved.)

See the difference between free PDF and WritingLaw’s PDF. Also, you won’t find Comments or Case Names in the free PDF.