Bare Acts PDF

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Bare Act PDFs are updated.

All bare acts are colourful and pleasing to read. Fonts are big and easily readable.

Case names are shown in Green. Headings in Orange. Section names are bold.

It looks good and relaxing on your eyes. You will be able to read bare acts from it for long durations.

15 out of 48. Use two fingers to zoom.

Bare Acts PDF

Most importantly,
Bare Acts from WritingLaw have internal links!

If you read section Section 174A of IPC,
you will see that it has a mention of Section 82 of CrPC.

Now while reading section 174A of IPC, students may not know or remember what Section 82 of CrPC is.

It will take time to find and read that section in a different bare act or by Google Search. It will disturb the whole reading flow. PDFs from WritingLaw have links (in blue colour) for these sections right there. By just one click it will quickly take you to that section in your browser. It will save a lot of time. (see image below)

You will not find this feature on any other law website or even in bare act books!

WritingLaw Bare Act PDF Download Now



There are 54 law notes on 54 important topics. These are short and easy to understand. These topics are asked in almost all law exams like CLAT, Judiciary, State Exams etc. They are on important topics and not full subjects.

Out of 54 topics, few are from Constitution, few from CrPC, few from Contract Act, few from Partnership Act, few from Evidence Act, few from Muslim Law and so on. They are on-point and well written.

First PDF of 238 pages has all 54 topics. Other single PDFs have 4 to 13 pages. They are provided additionally so that it is easier to read any one topic at a time.Law Notes Law Notes Law Notes

With this bare act purchase,
you get 54 law notes too!

Law Notes Sample PDF 27 Sep


You also get a small PDF with 100 questions that have one word or one sentence answer.

There is also a PDF with 117 important legal maxims that are used a lot in court, paperwork and asked in law exams. You must know all or at-least most of them.

There is one more PDF with 7 important amendments of year 2018 and 2019 explained in easy language. It is extremely important for not only law exams but also for non law exams.


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Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the total size of all these PDFs?

The total size of these PDFs is 30 Megabytes (MB). I have made these PDFs to take less space on your phone or computer.

2. Will these PDFs work on all devices?

Yes. Android Phone, Android Tablets, iPhone, iPad, Computer and any device that supports PDF.

3. Why should I buy these?

Please tell me, why do you buy bare act books for hundreds of rupees? Why do you attend law coaching? Even normal law coaching starts from eighty thousand and goes all the way to two lakhs fifty thousand.

4. Why should I buy these PDFs if I have bare act books?

If you have books, you can use these to study or revise anywhere like canteen, library, while travelling, bed at night, class etc. You can use these PDFs even if you do not have books. You had a landline phone or there were phone booths in your town, still one day your family got their first mobile. Why!

5. But why should I buy when there are free bare act PDFs on internet?

Free things from nature are amazing – Air, Water, Trees, Grass, Clouds, Rain.
Free things from humans are not amazing.

See the images below. On left is section 108 of the free CrPC PDF from top Google Search. On right is the CrPC PDF you will get from WritingLaw. Which one you like? Why is easy to read and does not put strain on your eyes?

Also, after section 107 do you see Comments and Case Name in the free PDF? It is not there!

Sample Comparison of Bare Act PDFs

On left is the 3rd top CrPC PDF from Google Search. On right is the CrPC PDF from WritingLaw.

Sample Comparison of Bare Act PDFs

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