54 Notes on Various Law Subjects

Here is a PDF of 238 pages. These 238 pages have 54 law notes. These notes are short and precise. These 54 law notes are on 54 important law topics. They are asked in almost all law exams like CLAT, Judiciary, State Exams etc. These notes will be great for reading as well as for last minute revision.

These 54 notes are to-the-point and written in such a way that it is easy to understand.

Now, for your ease all 54 notes are also as 54 separate small PDFs. This is so that you can read a topic one by one. Combined PDF of 238 pages has all 54 topics in it. Other single topic PDFs have 4 to 13 pages.

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From which subjects are these topics?
Ans. Out of 54 topics, few topics are from Constitution, few from CrPC, few from Contract Act, few from Partnership Act, few from Evidence Act, few from Muslim Law and so on. Please know that these notes do not fully cover any subject. These notes are on useful and important topics.

Law Notes Sample PDF 27 Sep


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