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Here is a PDF of 238 pages that have 54 law notes. These notes are short, precise, and on topics that are important for all law exams.

All 54 law notes are on 54 essential law topics. They are asked in almost all law exams like CLAT, Judiciary, State Exams, etc. Out of 54 topics, few topics are from Constitution, few from CrPC, few from Contract Act, few from Partnership Act, few from the Evidence Act, few from Muslim Law, and so on.

These notes do not fully cover any subject. They are on useful and essential law topics. All 54 short notes are to-the-point and written in such a way that it is easy to understand. These notes are great for reading as well as for last-minute revision.Law Note Screenshot
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1. 5 Important Points on Quasi Contracts
2. 7 Difference between Public Documents and Private Documents
3. 11 Must-Know VVI Cases and Judgements
4. 14 Famous Cases on Right to Life and Personal Liberty, Article 21
5. Admission under Evidence Act
6. Arrest Explained with 11 Supreme Court Guidelines
7. CAG Explained
8. Can there be Transfer of Property to Unborn Person
9. Classification of Rights and Duties
10. Concept of Offer under the Indian Contract Act
11. Constitutional Provisions on Centre-State Relations
12. Difference between Complaint, FIR, Investigation, Inquiry, and Trial
13. Difference between Ordinary Witness and Expert Witness
14. Difference Between Rioting and Affray
15. Digital Transformation in the Legal Sector
16. Direct and Circumstantial Evidence
17. Essentials of Acceptance in the Indian Contract Act
18. Features of Indian Constitution Taken from Other Countries
19. FIR Explained
20. Fraudulent Transfer
21. Guardianship in Muslim Law and its Kinds
22. How Can a New Partner be Introduced in a Partnership Firm
23. How Much of Information Received from Accused May be Proved
24. Indian Laws on Maintenance of Parents, Wife, and Children
25. Indigent Person and How to Sue as an Indigent Person
26. Inherent Powers of the High Court
27. Lease Explained
28. Legitimacy and Acknowledgement in Muslims
29. Matrimonial Reliefs under Indian Laws
30. Meaning of Caveat in the Civil Procedure Code
31. Mediation and Marriage Counselling
32. Muta Marriage
33. Natural Justice
34. Onerous Gifts
35. Ostensible Owner
36. Ownership and Possession Explained
37. PIL
38. Plea Bargaining in CrPC
39. Position and Rights of a Minor in Partnership Firm
40. Power of Pardon by President of India
41. Res Judicata
42. Rights and Duties of Bailee and Bailor
43. Status of Posthumous Child in Succession
44. Theories of Punishment
45. Trial of Warrant Cases by Magistrate
46. Types of Mortgage Explained
47. Void and Voidable Marriage
48. Wakf Explained
49. Ways of Dissolution of a Partnership Firm
50. Ways of Divorce in Muslims
51. What is Retracted Confession
52. What is the Evidentiary Value of Accomplice Evidence
53. When Communication is Said to be Completed
54. When is the Opinion of Third Person Relevant


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On 54 useful topics asked in law exams.
Short, to the point, essential.
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