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All notes have important case names in them wherever needed.

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All topics focus on important points which are must for exams.

In red is the main topic name. In black is the few sub topic names under that main topic.

1. 5 Facts About Constitution

2. Quasi Contracts Explained
Finder’s title is better than everybody except the true owner.

3. Difference Between Public and Private Documents
Case names
How the Public Documents may be proved?

4. Right to Life and Personal Liberty with very Important Landmark Cases
Scope of Article 21

5. Admission Under Evidence Act
Condition for admissibility of Admissions.
Who can make Admissions?
Evidentiary value of Admission

6. Arrest Explained
Arrest and Custody.
Arrest Without Warrant, Medical Examination.
Supreme Court’s 11 important guidelines for all cases of arrest and detention.

7. CAG Explained
What is it?
What are its Functions and Role?
Current CAG.

8. Can there be Direct Transfer to Unborn Person? Explained.

9. Legal Rights and Duties
8 Classification of Rights.
Theories of Rights etc.

10. Offer under Indian Contract Act
Essential Elements and Kinds of Offer.

11. Constitutional Provisions on Centre State Relations
10 points that show that Centre was made more powerful than States.

12. Difference Between
a. Complaint and FIR
b. Investigation and Inquiry
c. Inquiry and Trial

13. Difference between Ordinary Witness and Expert Witness

14. Difference between Rioting and Affray
Essentials of Rioting and Affray.

15. Direct and Circumstantial Evidence
Presumption of Law
Presumption of Fact

16. Acceptance in Contract Act
Essentials of Acceptance.
Communication of Acceptance to Wrong Person.

17. 14 Indian Constitutional Features taken from other Countries

18. Information and Investigation
FIR On telephone.
Where FIR is lodged.
Delay in filing FIR.
Evidentiary value of FIR.
Confessional FIR etc.

19. What is Fraudulent Transfer in Transfer of Property Act?
Essentials of Fraudulent Transfer.
Burden of Proof.

20. Guardianship in Muslims

Guardianship in Marriage
Guardian of the Body of Minor (Hizanat)
Where wife loses her Right of Custody
Guardianship of minor’s property (Wilayat-e-mal)
Kinds, Definition, Persons entitled.
Legal Guardian of Minor’s property.
Guardian appointed by court.

21. How can a New Partner be Introduced in a Firm?
Liability of outgoing partner on death and insolvency.
Minor’s position if he becomes a partner.

22. Maintenance of Parents, Wife and Children
Also, When wife is not entitled for Maintenance.

23. Indigent Person under CPC, CrPC and Constitution
How to sue as an Indigent Person?
Procedure if Application Admitted.

24. Inherent Powers of High Courts
Investigation after Chargesheet
Cancellation of Bail by High Court
Quashing of FIR by High Court

25. Lease under Transfer of Property Act
Essential Elements of Lease
Rights and Duties of Lessee and Lessor
Termination of Lease

26. Legitimacy and Acknowledgement in Muslims
Maternity and Paternity how established?

27. Marriage and Divorce
Reasons for matrimonial disputes
Matrimonial Reliefs
Restitution of Conjugal Rights
Judicial Separation

28. What is Caveat and Who may Lodge a Caveat?

29. Mediation and Marriage Counselling

30. Muta Marriage – A marriage mostly for sexual enjoyment.

31. Natural Justice
Types of Bias
Exclusion of Principles of Natural Justice

32. What is Onerous Gifts in Property Law?

33. Ostensible Owner Defined

34. Ownership and Possession
Kinds of Ownership
Kinds of Possession
Elements of Possession
Definition of Legal Person.
Legal status of unborn child, dead man, animal, idol, mosque, Guru Granth Sahib etc.

35. Public Interest Litigation (PIL)
Epistolary Jurisdiction

36. Plea Bargaining in CrPC
Who may apply for Plea Bargaining?
Cases where plea bargaining is allowed.
Mutual Satisfactory Disposition.

37. Status and Position of Minor in Partnership

38. Power of Pardon
Difference between Pardoning power of President and Governor.

39. Res Judicata

40. Contract of Bailment
Rights and Duties of Bailee and Bailor.

41. Status of Posthumous Child in Succession

42. 5 Theories of Punishment

43. Trial of Warrant Cases by Magistrate
Trial of Warrant Cases instituted otherwise than on a police report.
Death of complainant in trial.

44. Elements, parties and 6 Kinds of Mortgage

45. What is Void Marriage and What is Voidable Marriage?
What are the differences between these two?
Grounds of Void and Voidable Marriage

46. Wakf Explained
Essentials, Legal Effects, Modes of Creation and Types of Wakf.
Mutawalli Explained.
Minor as a Mutawalli.
Doctrine of Cypres.

47. 7 ways of Dissolution of a Partnership Firm

48. 9+ Types / Ways of Divorce in Muslims
Extra Judicial Divorce in Islam
Judicial Divorce in Islam

49. What is Retracted Confession?
Evidentiary value of Retracted Confession.

50. When Communication is said to be completed?

51. Opinions of Third persons when relevant
Evidentiary value of expert evidence.

The PDF has 217 beautiful pages.


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