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Ten Online MCQ Tests

Why Take These Tests

The best mode of learning is revision and practice.

Solving questions and analyzing yourself are the most important things.

Who These Tests Are For

These affordable MCQ tests are extremely helpful for law students of any year or semester. It will help you prepare for all law exams in the near future or distant future. Even if you have not studied much, these MCQ test questions will give you knowledge.

They are also beneficial for advocates and other legal professionals. You will be able to revise and brush up your knowledge.

Test Questions

Every test has 100 excellent competitive-exam level questions.

Questions are mixed from various law subjects like IPC, CrPC, CPC, Evidence, Torts, Jurisprudence, Constitution, TPA, Limitation Act, Family Laws, etc.

This will give you the feeling of an actual law exam.

You can take the tests anytime according to your convenience in the next two months.

10 Law MCQ Tests

Duration of Each Test

You have to solve these 100 MCQs in 90 minutes. There is a running timer to help you keep track.


Once you finish the test, you will immediately see your score.

Then you can scroll down and see the correct answers for all the questions you answered incorrectly.

Beautiful Test PDFs
Law MCQ Test PDFs After every test, you will get a beautiful PDF of all 100 questions and their correct answer. This will help you memorize and revise from them in the future. You can keep all test PDFs forever and learn from them.

Tip: Some students give the test, and if they do not score well, they read from the PDF and reappear in the test after a few days. It really helps.

10 MCQ TESTS: Rs 350
Language: English


100 Law Notes on 100 Important Topics + 53 Full Bare Acts + 300 Short Q&A + 121 Legal Maxims + List of Important Sections of 10 Essential Bare Acts + Explanation of 7 Important Recent Amendments.


In Rs 545, you get all the Law PDFs (₹320) and all ten online MCQ Tests (₹350).
Both things separately cost ₹670. Together there is a discount of ₹125.


Unable to decide what to buy?
1. If you are an existing or passed out law student who hasn’t focused much on law, or if you are a law student looking to start your preparation, then buy only the Law PDFs. It has essential bare acts that you must begin studying as soon as possible. Do not buy the MCQ Tests.
2. If you are seriously preparing for judiciary exams and other competitive law exams, you must not miss the Law MCQ Tests.
3. If you are a law student who fits into the above two categories, advocate looking to learn and revise law, a professor in a law college, etc., it would be beneficial to buy both the Law PDFs and the Law MCQ Tests.
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