Law MCQ Practice Test for ExamsFree online law practice test of multiple choice questions!

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The first three tests below have different questions. So take part in all of them.

Below each quiz the links for other quizes are given. Don’t worry, start with 20 questions first.

Also, below each quiz there is a link to download small, colourful PDF of these quiz questions and their correct answers!

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Click here for free online practice test of 20 multiple choice questions.
(75% of 20 is 15)
(Highest someone scored is 20/20)

Click here for free online practice test of 30 multiple choice questions.
(75% of 30 is 23)
(Highest someone scored is 27/30)

Click here for free online practice test of 50 multiple choice questions.
(75% of 50 is 38)
(Highest someone scored is 47/50)

Click here for free online test of 35 Constitution of India MCQs.
(75% of 35 is 27)
(Highest someone scored is 33/35)

Multiple Choice Questions for Constitution of India
Legal GK for Competitive Exams
CLAT & AILET Chapter wise Solved Papers (2008-2018) 2019

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