WritingLaw has one search box on top↑ of each page. This search box is very useful.

You do not need to type long words. (You can if you want). To read any bare act section or article just type in short words like-

120 Cons (No need to write full ‘constitution’. No need to write ‘article’)

319 IPC (No need to write ‘section’ or full ‘Indian Penal Code’.)

266 CRPC (for Criminal Procedure Code)

Order 32 Rule 1 (No need to write ‘Civil Procedure Code’)

120 TPA (for Transfer of Property Act)

68 Evi (for Indian Evidence Act)

160 Cont (for Indian Contract Act)

● Similarly for Specific Act, Limitation Act, Partnership Act, Sale of Goods Act etc just type the section and then one word like ‘Specific’, ‘Limitation’, ‘Goods’ etc.


Happy Searching and Happy Reading

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