Important Sections of Sale of Goods ActHere is a comprehensive list of all the important sections of the Sale of Goods Act. These essential sections will help you study this subject properly. Using them, it becomes easy to prepare smartly for SOGA law exams.

The idea here is to give maximum time to these most important Sale of Good Act sections. This will make sure that you utilise your time correctly and focus on what matters. Take a look.

Important Sections of Sale of Goods Act

Section 1 – Short title, extent and commencement.
Section 2 – Definitions.
Section 4 – Sale and agreement to sell.
Section 5 – Contract of Sale how made.
Section 6 – Existing or future goods.

Bare Acts

Section 11 – Stipulations as to time.
Section 12 – Condition and warranty.
Section 13 – When condition to be treated as warranty.
Section 14 – Implied undertaking as to title, etc.

Section 15 – Sale by description.
Section 18 – Goods must be ascertained.
Section 27 – Sale by person not the owner.
Section 29 – Sale by person in possession under voidable contract.
Section 30 – Seller or buyer in possession after sale.
Section 31 – Duties of seller and buyer.
Section 43 – Buyer not bound to return rejected goods.

Section 45 – “Unpaid seller” defined.
Section 46 – Unpaid seller’s rights.
Section 47 – Seller’s lien.
Section 49 – Termination of lien.

Section 50 – Right of stoppage in transit.
Section 52 – How stoppage in transit is effected.
Section 58 – Specific performance.
Section 59 – Remedy for breach of warranty.
Section 61 – Interest by way of damages and special damages.
Section 64 – Auction sale.

These were all the essential sections of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930. If you wish to read this bare act on a single page, you may do so here. If you are looking to learn SOGA, offline without ads or distractions, then buying its beautiful, colourful PDF is a good idea.

Sale of Goods Act for Exams

It is a valuable subject for law exams. Sale of Goods Act is also used frequently in courts and practical life. To have a good grip, you should first read the full act, and once you get an idea, you can focus on this list of relevant sections.

Also, do not solely depend on important sections. At times, your exam syllabus may differ, and thus you must match the content here with your exam pattern and make your study pattern accordingly.

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