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Here are law notes on 100 important law topics. Now you may ask, what topics?

TOPICS: Well, it has those topics that are useful for all law exams. This is not related to any particular exam like CLAT, BPSC, or any other specific law exam. It is in-general must for all legal exams. I try to cover those topics that cause confusion in students and which are very important for each and very law exam.

Secondly, these notes do not fully cover any subject. They are on 100 essential topics and not full subjects like all sections of CrPC, IPC, Evidence, Taxation, etc.

All 100 law notes are short, to the point, and easy to understand. You will love reading from them.

PRICE: In two hundred rupees, you get all 100 law notes.

HOW MANY PDFs: In total you will get 101 PDFs. One big PDF will have all 100 law notes one after another. This is so that you can easily read many topics in one sitting. Additionally, there are 100 more small PDFs, that has one topic each. This is to help you read any one topic at a time.

See the image below. The first big PDF has all 100 law notes. And then there are individual law notes that cover one topic. (use two fingers to zoom)
85 Law Notes

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  1. See the Law Note PDF for Common Intention (Section 34 IPC)
  2. See the Law Note PDF for Ownership and Possession
  3. See the Law Note PDF for What is Hurt and Grievous Hurt in IPC
  4. See the Law Note PDF for What is Wakf in Muslim Law

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1. 53 full bare acts
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5. 121 most used maxims with easy meanings
6. 23 new amendments explained in easy words

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