7. Preliminary decree is redemption suit.

(1) In a suit for redemption, if the plaintiff succeeds, the Court shall pass a preliminary decree-
(a) ordering that an account be taken of what was due to the defendant at the date of such decree for-
(i) principal and interest on the mortgage,
(ii) the costs of suit, if any, awarded to him, and
(iii) other costs, charges and expenses properly incurred by him up to the date, in respect of his mortgage- security, together with interest thereon; or

(b) declaring the amount so at that date; and

(c) directing-
(i) that, if the plaintiff pays into Court the amount so found or declared due on or before such date as the Court may fix within six months from the date on which the Court confirms and countersigns the account taken under clause (a), or from the date on which such amount is declared in Court under clause (b), as the case may be, and thereafter pays such amount as may be adjudged due in respect of subsequent costs, charges and expenses and provided in rule 10, together with subsequent interest on such sums respectively as provided in rule 11, the defendant shall deliver up to the plaintiff, or to such person as the plaintiff appoints all documents in his possession or power relating to the mortgaged property, and shall, if so required, retransfer the property to the plaintiff at his cost free from the mortgage and from all incumbrances created by the defendant or any person claiming under him where the defendant claims by derived title, by those under whom he claims, and shall also, if necessary put the plaintiff in possession of the property; and 

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(ii) that, if payment of the amount found or declared due under or by the preliminary decree is not made on or before the date so fixed, or the plaintiff fails to pay, within such time as the Court may fix, the amount adjudged due in respect of subsequent costs, charges expenses and interest, the defendant shall be entitled to apply for a final decree-
(a) in the case of a mortgage other than a usufructuary mortgage, a mortgage by conditional sale, or an anomalous mortgage the terms of which provide for foreclosure only and not for sale, that the mortgage property be, sold, or
(b) in the case of a mortgage by conditional sale or such an anomalous mortgage as aforesaid, that the plaintiff be debarred from all right to redeem the property. 

(2) The Court may, on good cause shown and upon terms to be fixed by the Court, from time to time, at any time before the passing of a final decree for foreclosure of sale, as the case may be, extend due in respect of subsequent costs, charges, expenses and interest.

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