9. Procedure on admitting plaint— concise statement.

(1) The plaintiff shall endorse on the pliant, or annex thereto, a list of the documents (if any) which he has produced along with it; and , if the plaint is admitted shall present, within such time as may be fixed by the Court or extended by it from time to time, as many copies on plain paper of the plaint as there are defendants, unless the Court by reason of the length of the plaint or the number of the defendants, or for any other sufficient reason, permits him present a like number of concise statements of the nature of the claim made, or of the relief claimed in the suit, in which case he shall present such statements.

(1A) The plaintiff shall, within the time fixed by the Court or extended by it under sub-rule (1), pay the requisite fee for the service of summons on the defendants.

(2) Where the plaintiff sue or the defendant or any of the defendants is sued, in a representative capacity such statements shall show in what capacity the plaintiff or defendant sues or is sued.

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(3) The plaintiff may, by leave of the Court, amend such statements so as to make them correspond with the plaint.

(4) The chief ministerial officer of the Court shall sign such list and copies or statements if, on examination, he finds them to be correct.

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