There are total three parts in Indian Evidence Act (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Lets us get to know each parts briefly.


The first part of Indian Evidence Act deals with RELEVANCY OF FACTS.
Relevancy means “the quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate” ; “appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances”
Chapter I and Chapter II fall under Part 1.
Section 1 to Section 55 fall under Part 1.

Chapter I (1-4) is the preliminary chapter which has basic definitions and is the  introduction part of this act.

Preliminary means – “introductory; Initial; Opening; Done in preparation for something fuller or more important.”

Chapter II (5-55) deals with the relevancy of facts.

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The second part of Indian Evidence Act deals with PROOF.
Chapter III, Chapter IV, Chapter V and Chapter VI fall under Part 2.
Section 56 to Section 100 fall under Part 2.

Chapter III (56-58) is regarding “FACTS WHICH NEED NOT BE PROVED”

Chapter IV (59,60) is regarding “ORAL EVIDENCE”

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Chapter V (61-90A) deals with “DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE”

Chapter VI (91-100) is regarding “EXCLUSION OF ORAL EVIDENCE BY DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE” meaning ‘when documentary evidence is given preference over oral evidence’



The third part of Indian Evidence Act deals with PRODUCTION AND EFFECT OF EVIDENCE.
Chapter VII to Chapter XI fall under part 3.
Sections 101 to Section 167 fall under Part 3.

Chapter VII (101-114A) deals with BURDEN OF PROOF.

Chapter VIII (115,116,117) deals with ESTOPPEL.
Estoppel means “the rule which prevents a person from saying opposite or conflicting to something which he has said before or which is clear as result of previous judicial determination”

Chapter IX (118—134) deals with WITNESSES.

Chapter X (135-166) deals with THE EXAMINATION OF WITNESS.


You have got the brief overview of Indian Evidence Act. Now you know what all is there in this act.
Now let us start detailed systematic reading from Chapter I of The Indian Evidence Act.

(There will be important questions at the end of Chapter I)
Before we do that make sure you have read INDIAN EVIDENCE ACT SUMMARY. (Link will open in new tab)

If you have already read Indian Evidence Act Summary then,
Take a sip of water and let us start chapter first. It is very basic and very easy. You can finish it in few minutes.

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