Here are the terms and conditions related to downloading and usages of PDF (and ZIP files) from this website.

  1. The PDFs found on are of two types-
    (i) Created by me. (which are colourful)
    (ii) Taken from Government of India sites (black and white) (credits given)
  2.  Whether you pay and buy the PDFs or download for free,
    You are strictly only allowed to use the PDFs downloaded from WritingLaw, its subdomains and WritingLaw’s Razorpay/Instamojo Stores for personal educational purposes. You under no circumstances are allowed to sell, misuse, put it on website, alter, or misbehave with the PDFs. You may however share it with very close friends just for educational purposes. (Please understand that it takes extremely long hours to create these PDFs. If you misuse it then it means you are not valuing a jobless individual’s (me) hard work. If you are a coaching institute or something similar then please contact me and pay me for all your students one time (and get around 75% discount on total.) This is legal and proper way. Please do not distribute my PDFs for free.
  3. WritingLaw (or I, admin) is not responsible for any error, typing error, mistakes, omission or anything similar. You must cross check the contents of the PDF from other sources.
  4. When I see a need for correction (or add amendments) in a bare act, I do it for online bare acts. Doing so is not possible for already downloaded / distributed PDFs.
  5. I have repeatedly mentioned that PDFs created by me look perfect on mobile phones and you will not have to zoom to read. Please understand that this depends on your eyes strength, the screen size and screen quality of the mobile phone and also the app in which the PDF is being used. But in most cases (no guarantee) you will not have to zoom to read on a 5 inch mobile screen.
  6. Parts of PDF are taken from other sites mostly government of India sites – Like Schedules of Constitution. One table is also taken from (I have given the credit in the PDF itself.)
  7. PDFs might not work in all apps and browsers. For example, Firefox browser may show a warning saying it can not open the PDF. Trying again will solve the issue. If this constantly happens please use another browser or app. (Best browsers are Chrome and Safari.)
  8. There are contribution links at the bottom of each PDF file created by me. This is so that free PDF users can contribute and pay me for my work. Please do not misuse these links. Thank You.
  9. You are welcome to contact me for any PDF related issues.


I always wish the best for you.
Thank You

WritingLaw Admin