Section 137. Language of subordinate Courts.

(1) The language which, on the commencement of this Code, is the language of any Court subordinate to a High Court shall continue to be the language of such subordinate Court until the State Government otherwise directs. 

(2) The State Government may declare what shall be the language of any such Court and in what character applications to and proceedings in such Court shall be written. 

(3) Where this Court requires or allows anything other than the recording of evidence to be done in writing in any such Court, such writing may be in English; but if any party or his pleader is unacquainted with English a translation into the language of the Court shall, at his request, be supplied to him; and the Court shall make such order as it thinks fit in respect of the payment of the costs of such translation. 

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For sub-section (3) of section 137 substitute the following-
“(3) Wherever the code requires or allows anything other than the recording of evidence to be done in writing in any such court, such writing shall be in Hindi in Devnagri Script with the international from of Indian numerals:
Provided that the court may in its discretion accept such writing in England on the undertaking of the party filing such writing, to file a Hindi translation of the same, within such time as may be granted by the Court and the opposite party shall have a copy of such writing in Hindi.”
[Raj. Act No. 7 of 1983]

Uttar Pradesh:
To section 137 (3) insert the following proviso-
“Provided that with effect from such date as the State Government in consultation with the High Court may by notification in the Gazette appoint, the language of every judgment, decree or order passed on made by such courts or classes of courts subordinate to the High Court and in such classes of cases as may be specified shall only be Hindi in Devnagri Script with the international form of Indian numerals”.
(U.P. Act No. 17 of 1970)

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