71. Power to make rules.

(1) The State Government may by notification in the Official Gazette make rules] describing the fees which shall accompany documents sent to the Registrar of Firms, or which shall be payable for the inspection of documents in the custody of the Registrar of Firms, or for copies from the Register of Firms:
Provided that such fees shall not exceed the maximum fees specified in Schedule I.

(2) The State Government may also make rules,-
(a) prescribing the form of statement submitted under section 58, and of the verification thereof;

(b) requiring statements, intimations and notices under sections 60, 61, 62 and 63 to be in prescribed form, and prescribing the form thereof;

(c) prescribing the form of the Register of Firms, and the mode in which entries relating to firms are to be made therein, and the mode in which such entries are to be amended or notes made therein;

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(d) regulating the procedure of the Registrar when disputes arise;

(e) regulating the filing of documents received by the Registrar;

(f) prescribing conditions for the inspection of original documents;

(g) regulating the grant of copies;

(h) regulating the elimination of registers and documents;

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(i) providing for the maintenance and form of an index to the Register of Firms; and

(j) generally, to carry out the purposes of this Chapter.

(3) All rules made under this section shall be subject to the condition of previous publication.

(4) Every rule made by the State Government under this section shall be laid, as soon as it is made, before the State Legislature.

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