I am very happy and excited!
Today, that is 21st January 2019, has been visited by 500+ new people. It took eleven months to reach this happy milestone.

(Number of new visitors on 21st January 2019- 529)

Without every single one of you, this would have been impossible!

I am very grateful to each and every one of you who visited WritingLaw today. If you are reading this, I can not thank you enough. I am also equally grateful to 38,000 of you who have visited WritingLaw since its creation (March 2018). Without you all this website is nothing!

I am especially indebted to 11 kind people.

I have never met these eleven kind souls. I do not even know their names or their full phone numbers. Till 21st January 2019, these eleven kind people have contributed any amount they could and have helped me in keeping this website online and ad-free. I will forever remember this.

Thank you kind developers.

I would like to thank the benevolent developers of following free apps and services. I could not have built (or maintain) my website without their apps and services.


1. WPHOOT : For their incredible WordPress Theme and free support during early days.

2. TABLE OF CONTENTS : This plugin helps me create Section Box on top of every bare act. This helps visitors to go to a particular section on the same page in a long bare act quickly and effortlessly.

3. REDIRECTION : In early days getting traffic was impossible. This plugin helped a lot in solving this issue.

4. POPUP PLUGIN : This wonderful plugin enables me to show popups on the website and helps me get your attention.

There are many more plugins, but I am not listing those names for security reasons.


1. OVER :This mobile app is the backbone and the most used app to create images for WritingLaw. All images including those that you see when reading Constitution, IPC, CPC, CrPC, Evidence, Contract etc are created using this app.

2. EXIFWIZARD : This little app shows all relevant details of an image.

3. PICSEW : This paid app was free for a day. I was lucky to install this on that day. This app is extremely handy. It helps me sew images together.

4. WORDPRESS APP : Helps me manage the site and ensure everything is working okay, when I am away from laptop.

5. COPYCLIP : This tiny laptop app helps me manage clipboard. This app is so handy that I have set it to automatically open on every system startup.


1. PIXABAY : All images except written images, that you see on WritingLaw are from Pixabay. These are free, non-copyright images. WritingLaw will not look beautiful without the help of Pixabay.

2. ILOVEIMG.COM : Most of the images on WritingLaw are compressed using this wonderful website. This makes WritingLaw load faster and also consumes less of your mobile data.
Other image compression websites that I use and would like to thank are and

3. ILOVEPDF.COM : This website helps me manage PDFs.


1. PAYTM FOR BUSINESS : Out of 11 people, 9 have contributed using Paytm. I can not imagine this website without Paytm. It was easy to set up and helps me put contribution link on this website.

2. NPCI (NATIONAL PAYMENTS CORPORATION of INDIA) : Out of 11 people, 2 have contributed using UPI. NPCI manages UPI payment system. Contributing using UPI is very easy, fast and secure. I am grateful to NPCI for their services.

3. INSTAMOJO : This website easily helps me sell PDFs. If you do not have Paytm or UPI you can buy PDFs using cards, net banking etc here. This online store was easy to set up and their support staff is very helpful.

4. RELIANCE JIO : My PG has no WiFi facility. Affordable and abundant mobile data plans from Reliance Jio helped me build and maintain WritingLaw. It would have been really tough without Jio.

5. GOOGLE : My website would be barren without Google. 95% of you have visited my website because of Google. Without Google and its services WritingLaw can not survive.


Lastly, I would this to thank this wonderful person. During my college days she was my junior. When I was building this website, she provided me with bare acts, notes etc. She has also written articles for WritingLaw for free and also helped answer comments / live support.

Most importantly, I am thankful to my parents and the Gods I pray, for each and everything. My life is beautiful because of them.