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Do you have a law question that is hard and you are not able to get its answer?

Well, if this is the case you can ask here and get an answer.



1. Save WritingLaw’s WhatsApp number: 9128523662

2. Now type your law question and send it on WhatsApp.
Feel free to type as long as you want. Explain your question if you want.

3. You will get an automatic response from me.

4. Now wait for sometime.

5. When me or one of my learned colleague, teacher, friend or lawyer solve your question, you will hear from me.

6. Make payment via Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay etc or by Card. Minimum amount is 50 rupees. For long answers it can go as high as 100 rupees. Don’t worry, for most answers it is 50 rupees.

7. I will send the answer.



The answer might be in typed form or as a good quality image of notebook where the answer has been neatly hand written.

After receiving your answer you can ask a follow up question related to that same question or answer.


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