Law Bare Act PDF
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What is in this Law PDF Pack?

1. 48 Bare Act PDFs.

2. Law Notes PDF of 238 pages on 54 important Law topics. (Free with this pack. Otherwise Rs. 90)
These 54 Law Notes are also as 54 separate PDFs so it is even easier to read.

3. 117 Important Legal Maxims PDF.

4. 100 Short Questions and Answers PDF.

5. 7 Important Amendments of year 2018 and 2019, explained in easy to understand points.

Bare Act PDF Law Notes PDF
Are they full bare acts?
Ans. Yes, they are full bare acts.

Bare Act

Are bare act PDFs updated?
Ans. Yes. Paid PDFs are updated.
(Free PDFs most likely have not been updated since March 2018.)

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1. What are these?
Ans. These are 54 short law notes on 54 important topics. First PDF of 238 pages has all 54 topics. Other single PDFs have 4 to 13 pages. They are provided so it is easier to read any one topic at a time.

2. How are these topics important?
Ans. In one way or the other these law notes topics are asked in almost all law exams like CLAT, Judiciary, State Exams, University Exams etc as written answer or as MCQ.

3. Then from which subjects are these topics?
Ans. Out of 54 topics, few notes are from topics of Constitution, few from CrPC, few from Contract Act, few from Partnership Act, few from Evidence Act, few from Muslim Law and so on…

Other PDFs:
4. What about those 100 Q&A PDF?
Ans. This PDF has 100 short questions and answers. The answer of these 100 questions are one word answer or one sentence answer.

5. What about Amendments PDF?
Ans. In year 2018 and 2019 there have been very important amendments. I have explained the 7 most important ones in very easy, point wise sentences. These are important for all exams.

Law Notes Sample PDF 27 Sep

1. All PDFs are colourful. It encourages you to read or keep reading because it looks very nice and easy on your eyes.

2. Headings and side numbers are bold.

3. Case names are shown in green colour.

4. All topic headings are shown in orange colour.

5. But Most Importantly,
In the Bare Act PDF screenshot did you see blue coloured texts!

These are important relevant inside links. By one click you can read those in you browser without typing or searching that section on Google. It will save a lot of time.

For Example-
Section 174A of IPC, has a mention of Section 82 of CrPC. Now many students while reading section 174A of IPC might not know or remember what Section 82 of CrPC is. It will take time to find that section in a different bare act. The student will have to Google Search or find it in another bare act book etc. It will disturb the whole reading flow.

What I have done in the PDFs is that, I have given links for these sections right there. By just one click it will quickly take you to that section in your browser. It will save a lot of time.

You will not find this feature on any other law website or even in bare act books!



Bare Act PDF Law Notes PDF