Difference and Similarity Between Res Sub Judice and Res Judicata

(1) In the case of Res Sub Judice, there must be two suits, one of which should be previously instituted.

In Res Judicata the motive is that ‘there must be an end to litigation.ʼ Thus, there is a bar on trial that has already been adjudicated. In simpler terms, a matter that has previously been decided is not put to trial again. This saves the precious time of our already overburdened and resource-less courts.KEEP READING

Ownership and Possession Notes

Austin- Ownership is a right indefinite in point of user unrestricted in point of disposition and unlimited in point of duration.

From above definition we find three elements:
1. Indefinite user.
2. Unrestricted disposition (dispose off)
3. Unlimited duration.KEEP READING

What is the meaning of Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence is ‘the Eyes of Law.’ In the human body, the eyes are one of its most essential parts. Most of the human activities and movements of a man’s body are possible only through them. Unless a man can see anything correctly, he can’t do any work properly.

Jurisprudence is called the ‘the eye of law’ because jurisprudence functions for law like eyes do for the human body.KEEP READING

Natural Justice and Types of bias

Natural justice is also known as universal justice, substantial justice, or fair play in action. It is is an essential concept of divine law, which is based on the law of equity.

Its importance can be assumed to be reflected in every statute or enactment by promoting equity among parties, which means equal treatment and opportunity.KEEP READING