Dower in Muslim Law

Dower or Mahr is a sum of money that a husband pays to his wife on marriage. According to Mulla, “It is an obligation imposed upon the husband as a mark of respect to the wife.”

The concept of Dower worked as a sense of security to the wife. If in case husband abandons the wife or compels her to move out, the amount of Dower becomes the source of her livelihood.KEEP READING

What is Cooperative and Competitive Federalism

Cooperative federalism means that there should be a mechanism for coordination between the union and the states. Institutions like the national development council, finance commission, and zonal councils have promoted cooperative federalism.

Competitive federalism is a philosophy that promotes competition between the states and the union and between the state governments.KEEP READING

Guardianship Under Hindu Law

The provisions related to guardianship for Hindus are given under the Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956.

This act provides as to who shall be the guardian, role of a guardian, and so on. In summary, it talks about guardianship among Hindu.

Section 6 of the Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act talks about the natural guardian.KEEP READING

Role, Significance, and Functions of Governor

The governor is the head of the state. He is elected by the President of India and holds office at the pleasure of the President.

Governor acts as a bridge between union and state. He has to communicate the state’s aspiration to the union as an elder brother and brings issues of national significance at the state level like a postman.


Live-in Relationship in India

“Live in relationship like marriage is neither a crime nor a sin, though socially unacceptable in this country”.

The decision to marry or not to marry or to have a heterosexual relationship is intensely personal. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, is considered to be the first piece of legislation that covered relations “in the nature of marriage”, and has provided a legal recognition to relations outside marriage.KEEP READING