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WritingLaw is the best website for Law Students to read Bare Acts!


1. Fonts are big, spacious and dark so there is no strain on eyes.

2. Bare Acts are systematic and updated.

3. Bare Acts are presented in such a way that you can keep reading many sections at once.

4. Bare Acts are colourfully presented with case names in green colour, headings in orange colour and so on.

5. This website is clean. There are no Notification Popups, Email Popups etc.

6. But most importantly,
Bare Acts have section links in them. All important, relevant inside links are shown in blue colour. It saves a lot of time. You will not find this feature on any other website, place (except WritingLaw’s PDFs) or even in bare act books.

For Example:
Section 174A of IPC, has a mention of Section 82 of CrPC. Now many students while reading section 174A of IPC might not know or remember what Section 82 of CrPC is. It will take time to find that section in a different bare act book or Google Search. It will disturb the whole reading flow.

What I have done is that, I have given links for these sections right there. By just one click it will quickly take you to that section in your browser. It will save a lot of time.


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