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Here is a beautiful, mobile perfect PDF for Criminal Procedure Code, 1973. You can get this PDF for free or by paying any small amount and helping me. When you contribute it helps the website. It is totally upto you.

Bare Acts


Before you download the PDF for CrPC it is important to know why this PDF is beautiful and different.

I am sure you have seen bare act PDFs at other Government of India sites as well as private-owned sites. Try to remember how they appear. For simple work this is okay. But if a student wants to fall in love with reading bare acts then the PDF has to be clean, beautiful, systematic and easy.

Here are some points which make PDFs by WritingLaw beautiful and different from PDFs of other sites-

1. COLOURS – Different colours have been used for Explanations, Exceptions, Case Names, Illustrations, etc. Who doesn’t like colours in their life?

2. PERFECT FOR MOBILE – The font type and font size that I have used is perfect for mobile phones. On 5 inch mobile phone you will not have to zoom to read. You can continue reading comfortably.

3. SECTION LINKS – You know that bare act for one subject has mentions about sections of other bare acts. I have provided direct links for all these sections to save your time and energy.

For Example-
Section 174A of IPC has a mention of Section 82 of CrPC.
Now many students while reading section 174A of IPC will not know what Section 82 of CrPC is. It will take time to find that section in a different bare act.
 Typing and searching will disturb the flow.
What I have done is that I have given links for these sections right there. Clicking on it will instantly take you to those sections in your browser.

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4. BEAUTIFUL – The side numbers are made bold. Like (1), (2), (a), (b) etc. This looks good on the eyes and helps differentiate different points.

5. EASY – Long bare acts are divided systematically into chapters and sections. A student gets bored seeing a very long bare act. But he/she will be excited to finish small parts with a few sections and chapters and then go to next.

6. INDEX LINKS – This PDF is 642 pages long (2MB in size) Thus, I have put blue index links to save your time and energy. It will be tough to keep scrolling to reach page number 589 that has Section 439. But using index links you can just click on it and it will open Section 439 quickly in your browser.

Here is how the PDF will look. Don’t worry, the images you see below are compressed screenshot images and further compressed by the website. So they appear of low quality. Actual PDF is clear, crisp and beautiful.

CrPC PDF Download

In the above PDF screenshot sample, you saw how I have used colours to help differentiate. I have provided blue links to save your time and energy. Making such PDFs are very time consuming.


It takes me many days to create bare act PDFs. This particular PDF for CrPC has 642 pages!
It is very hard to create such big PDFs.


Download the Code of Criminal Procedure PDF for free.

But please when you are capable, come back on this website or use links in the PDF and pay me any small amount that you can. Thank You very much. Here you can read more about me and this website.

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