Difference Between Motive, Intention, and Knowledge
Motive: Motive is the ulterior element for committing a crime. It is something that makes a person commit a crime. For example, If A and B are enemies for the last 10 years. And one day A kills B. From their previous relation, it can be assumed that what could be the reason for A to kill B. For every crime, there is a reason, and that is motive.

Intention: Intention to commit a crime is seen from the act which a person commits. Giving poison to someone shows the intention of a person killing another person. The intention of a person can be seen from the overt act. (overt: done or shown openly, undisguised)
Essential Bare Acts
Knowledge: Knowledge is having possible information of the consequences of an act. For example, If A knows that B’s intestines are swelling and any blow on it may cause serious injury to B, resulting in death. And A gives a blow to B on that part only. Here A has knowledge of the act he committed.


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