Duties of Indian Consumers

Consumers and customers are one of the reasons why the market functions. The satisfaction of the consumers and customers is the reason for which both the businessman and the government emphasise the utmost, as they are the country’s citizens. Some rights and duties are laid upon to keep consumers and businesses safe from being exploited.

In this article, we will throw light on the duties or, say, responsibilities of Indian consumers under the Consumer Protection Act of 2019 (earlier 1986).

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Duties of a Consumer in India

There are various duties which are enforced on consumers. They are as follows:

1. Duty to be Aware

The consumer should be proactively aware of the quality of the products and services he is availing of. For example, he should check that the goods have Hallmark, FSSAI approval, etc.

2. Duty to Stay Informed

The consumer should be updated with information about the products and services he wants to engage in.

3. Duty to Follow the Rules

The consumer should not infringe any rules in order to get the benefit of the service or while purchasing any product.

4. Duty to Receive a Receipt

The consumer should make sure that he receives the receipt when making any purchase from the market. The receipt can be used in his favour at a later stage if any inconvenience takes place.

Bare Act PDFs

5. Duty to Be Vocal

The consumer must give voice to any exploitive measures happening to them by the sellers and make the issue noticeable to the public.

6. Duty to Form an Organisation

To express their needs, grievances, demands, and views, consumers should form a non-political organisation to give their opinions a voice.

7. Duty to Be Ethical

The consumer himself cannot act unethically and blame the seller. Consumer himself, in the first place, should act ethically and in a fair manner and should not indulge in any malpractice measures.

8. Duty to Consume Resources Sustainably

Consumers should be aware of the consequences of their consumption of the resource. Resources should be utilised in such a manner that it does not cause inconvenience to the upcoming future generations.

9. Duty to Be Responsible Towards Environment

Consumers should be careful of their consumption so that it does not harm the environment and natural resources.

Scope of the Consumer Protection Act

Moreover, the Consumer Protection Act empowers consumers to voice against the flaws, frauds and scams happening to them. Consumer Protection Act prevents the businessman from practising any illegal trade affairs; along with that, it also protects businesses from being falsified by fake consumer allegations.

The Act covers all the goods and services produced by the public, private, and cooperative sectors. Only those goods and services exempted by the central government are made as an exception.

After laying down many rights and duties upon the consumers, it also imparts a platform for the consumers to file complaints against the inconvenience caused to them by the seller or service provider and provides the provision of being compensated for the same.

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