Important Sections and Articles of Limitation Act
Important Sections and Articles of Limitation Act, 1963

Limitation Act is important for understanding procedural law. The right can be claimed within the period of limitation only. Once the time elapses, the right becomes imperfect and not enforceable. Every section and article of Limitation Act, 1963 is important and can’t be left assuming unimportant. One should read the whole bare act carefully. It is short, simple, and easy to understand. Still, for the purpose of this post and law exams, here are the most important sections of the Limitation Act.

Important Sections of Limitation Act, 1963

Section 2 – Definitions.
Section 3 – Bar of limitation.
Section 4 – Expiry of prescribed period when court is closed.
Section 5 – Extension of prescribed period in certain cases.
Section 6 – Legal disability.
Section 10 – Suits against trustees and their representatives.
Section 12 – Exclusion of time in legal proceedings.
Section 13 – Exclusion of time in cases where leave to sue or appeal as a pauper is applied for.
Section 15 – Exclusion of time in certain other cases.
Section 16 – Effect of death on or before the accrual of the right to sue.
Section 18 – Effect of acknowledgement in writing.
Section 20 – Effect of acknowledgement or payment by another person.
Section 21 – Effect of substituting or adding new plaintiff or defendant.
Section 24 – Computation of time mentioned in instruments.
Section 25 – Acquisition of easement by prescription.
Section 27 – Extinguishment of right to property.

Important Articles of the Limitation Act

Article 5, Article 19, Article 27, Article 51 and Article 52, Article 54, Article 56, Article 59, Article 60 to Article 65, Article 68, Article 78, Article 90, Article 97, Article 105, Article 109, Article 113 to Article 116, Article 120, Article 123 and Article 124, Article 130, Article 134 and Article 135, Article 137.

Bare Act PDFs

Limitation Act for Exams

Limitation Act has 32 sections, and thus, it would be best if you focus on all of these. Still, I hope the list of above most important sections helped you gain some valuable perspective from the exams’ point of view.

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