Important Sections of Transfer of Property Act

TPA is an important subject, which is not only useful for exams, but its application is prevalent even in our daily life. If you are looking to improve your preparation, a look at the most important sections of the Transfer of Property Act will help.

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Important Sections of Transfer of Property Act

Section 3 – Interpretation clause.
Section 5 – Transfer of property defined.
Section 6 – What may be transferred.
Section 7 – Persons competent to transfer.
Section 8 – Operation of transfer.
Section 9 – Oral transfer.

Section 10 – Condition restraining alienation.
Section 11 – Restriction repugnant to interest created.
Section 12 – Condition making interest determinable on insolvency or attempted alienation.
Section 13 – Transfer for benefit of unborn person.
Section 14 – Rule against perpetuity.

Section 19 – Vested interest.
Section 21 – Contingent interest.
Section 25 – Conditional transfer.
Section 26 – Fulfilment of condition precedent.

Section 27 – Conditional transfer to one person coupled with transfer to another on failure of prior disposition.
Section 28 – Ulterior transfer conditional on happening or not happening of specified event.
Section 35 – Election when necessary.

Section 38 – Transfer by person authorised only under certain circumstances to transfer.
Section 41 – Transfer by ostensible owner.
Section 52 – Transfer of property pending suit relating thereto.
Section 53 – Fraudulent transfer.
Section 53A – Part performance.

Section 54 – “Sale” defined.
Section 55 – Rights and liabilities of buyer and seller.
Section 56 – Marshalling by subsequent purchaser.
Section 58 – “Mortgage”, “mortgagor”, “mortgagee”, “mortgage-money” and “mortgage-deed” defined.
Section 60 – Right of mortgagor to redeem.
Section 67 – Right to fore-closure or sale.

Section 81 – Marshalling, securities.
Section 92 – Subrogation.
Section 96 – Mortgage by deposit of title-deeds.
Section 100 – Charges.

Section 105Lease defined.
Section 106 – Duration of certain leases in absence of written contract or local usage.
Section 107 – Leases how made.
Section 108 – Rights and liabilities of lessor and lessee.
Section 109 – Rights of lessor’s transferee.
Section 110 – Exclusion of day on which term commences.
Section 111 – Determination of lease.
Section 112 – Waiver of forfeiture.
Section 116 – Effect of holding over.

Section 118 – “Exchange” defined.
Section 122 – “Gift” defined.
Section 123 – Transfer how effected.
Section 124 – Gift of existing and future property.
Section 125 – Gift to several of whom one does not accept.
Section 126 – When gift may be suspended or revoked.
Section 127Onerous gifts.
Section 128 – Universal donee.
Section 130 – Transfer of actionable claim.

These were all the important sections of the Transfer of Property Act. I believe this list is helpful and useful. If you like, you can read the entire Transfer of Property Act on a single page. You may also buy its PDF and get on with your preparation in an ad-free and distraction-free way.

For TPA Exams

I made sure that all essential sections of TPA are covered in this list. However, before you forget about other sections, make sure to look at your exam syllabus. If there is a topic or section that you believe is important for a particular exam, then definitely you focus on that too.

Transfer of Property Act, is a huge subject. We both have seen it bare act. It is not possible to finish it in one day or two. So, learn how to add a shortcut for TPA on your phone screen and read it in only one touch.

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