Is Instigating or Provoking a Fight or Murder Illegal_1Is Instigating or Provoking a Fight or Murder Illegal?

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X instigates Y to do culpable homicide amounting to murder Z. Y refuses. Is X guilty of any offence?

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Yes of abetment.

If any person instigates the other person to commit an offence then he is said to have committed an offence of abetment (section 107 : Abetment Defined) and called as abettor (section 108 : Abettor defined).

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Act of abetment is an independent offence and immaterial whether the offence abetted has been committed or not.

Abetment can be done by way of instigation, conspiracy and intentionally aiding. And in present question we can refer section 115 of IPC as abetment has been done for committing offence of murder.

The essential ingredients of the offence under Section 115 are as follows:
(1) The accused must have abetted the commission of the offence.

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(2) The offence abetted is punishable with death or imprisonment for life.

(3) The offence abetted was not committed or no hurt was caused to any person in consequence of such abetment.

So the person (abettor) is liable for punishment of seven years.

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