113. Summons or warrant in case of person not so present.

If such person is not present in Court, the Magistrate shall issue a summons requiring him to appear, or, when such person is in custody, a warrant directing the officer in whose custody he is to bring him before the Court:
Provided that whenever it appears to such Magistrate, upon the report of a police officer or upon other information (the substance of which report or information shall be recorded by the Magistrate), that there is reason to fear the Commission of a breach of the peace, and that such breach of the peace cannot be prevented otherwise than by the immediate arrest of such person, the Magistrate may at any time issue a warrant for his arrest. 

It is as clear as day that before taking steps for arrest the Magistrate must have reasons to fear the Commission of breach of the peace and it must appear to him that such breach of peace cannot be prevented otherwise than by immediate arrest of the alleged person It is incumbent upon the Magistrate to record an order in writing showing satisfaction for the steps taken under the proviso to section 113 of the Criminal Procedure Code;
Dibakar Naik v Puspalata Patel, (1997)

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