Section 59B

After section 59A, insert the following section, namely-

59B. Deletion of entries relating to certain firms by reason of reorganisation of Bombay State-

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Chapter, a Registrar of Firms appointed for any area by the Government of Gujarat may, by order in writing, amend the Register of Firms maintained by him by deleting therefrom the entries relating to any firm whose place of business has, by reason of the reorganisation of the State of Bombay, by the Bombay Reorganisation Act, 1960, ceased to be situated in the State of Gujarat:
Provided that the Registrar shall, before passing any order under this sub-section, make such inquiry as he deems necessary and give notice to the firm and the Registrar of the State of Maharashtra.

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(2) After such amendment the Registrar shall cease to perform the functions of a Registrar in respect of any firm the entries relating to which have been deleted as aforesaid.

(3) Any person aggrieved by an order under sub-section (1) may appeal to such authority and within such time as may be specified in this behalf by the Government of Gujarat, by notification in the Official Gazette; and such authority shall pass such order on the appeal as it thinks fit.

(4) An order of a Registrar under sub-section (1), or where an appeal has been preferred against it under sub-section (3), the order of the appellate authority shall be final.”
[Vide Gujarat Adaptation of Laws (State and Concurrent Subjects) (Eighth Amendment) Order, 1961 (w.r.e.f. 1-5-1960)]

After section 59A, insert the following section, namely-
“59B-Same as in Gujarat, except that-

(i) in the marginal note, for the words “re-organisation of Bombay State”, substitute the words ‘formation of State of Gujarat’;
(ii) in sub-sections (1) and (3), for the word “Gujarat”, substitute the word “Maharashtra”, and in the proviso, for the word “Maharashtra”, substitute the word “Gujarat”;
(iii) in sub-section (1), for the words “by reason of re-organisation of the State of Bombay”, substitute the words “by reason of the formation of the State of Gujarat”.
[Vide Central Acts on State and Concurrent Subjects (Maharashtra Adaptation) (Amendment) Order, 1961 (w.r.e.f. 1-5-1960)]

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