Since July 2019 is open to advertisers!

Here you can advertise about your College, PG, Hostel, Law Firm, Website, Physical product, Software, Brand, Company or almost anything!

But before you take the decision to advertise here, please see the stats-

In the month of September 2019-
Total Visitors according to Google Analytics – 64,758
Total Page Views – 1,50,336
95% visitors are from India.
87% visitors come from Organic Search.


Frankly, it is upto you. You can place your ad anywhere you want. You decide the place and tell me. Final decision will be made by me.
But here are some of the best options.

See, WritingLaw is responsive and what you see on Desktop is visible on Mobile too.

Let us start talking about ad places from top of the website to bottom.

1. Below the menu bar

On desktop this is just below the main top black menu bar. If you place your ad here, it also ensures that your ad is seen by 100% of the website visitors. To go to the content the visitor came for, he will have to go past this ad.

Here you can place a horizontal, circular or square image ad (maximum 40KB). You can also place a text ad. Both ad types will have your link. This is the hottest place to show your ad!

₹4,000 for one week.
₹6,000 for two weeks.
₹12,000 for 30 days.
₹21,000 for 60 days.
₹40,000 for 90 days.

2. Between posts

You can also place your horizontal, circular or square image (maximum 50KB) or text ad between posts. This will be shown after 7th paragraph (or the paragraph you say). Almost every post that attracts visitors on this website has at-least 22 paragraphs.

₹2,000 for one week.
₹3,500 for two weeks.
₹7,000 for 30 days.
₹13,000 for 60 days.
₹19,000 for 90 days.

3. End of post

You can place your horizontal, circular or square image (maximum 80KB) or text ad on the end of every post. No matter how small or big the post is. Your ad will be shown at the end of it.

₹2,000 for one week.
₹3,500 for two weeks.
₹7,000 for 30 days.
₹13,000 for 60 days.
₹19,000 for 90 days.

4. Above footer

You can place your ad above the green footer. It can be a horizontal or square image (maximum 80KB) or text ad.

₹1,800 for one week.
₹3,100 for two weeks.
₹6,200 for 30 days.
₹12,000 for 60 days.
₹17,000 for 90

5. Full Screen Popup Ads

You can show your image or text based ad as a full screen horizontal popup on desktop and full screen vertical popup on mobile. This will grab the attention of the visitor and you can get your product message delivered to him. This popup will have to be manually closed by the visitor. Clicking inside the popup will take the visitor to your product or website in a new tab.

Cost for popup shown after 45 seconds
₹6,000 for one week.
₹10,000 for two weeks.
₹20,000 for 30 days.

All the above conditions like image size and image shape etc can be mutually agreed and we can decide even if it goes a bit out of the above mentioned values.

Terms and Conditions

Here by ‘I’, I am referring to Ankur Thakur and my Website

  1. I will make the final decision in every matter.
  2. I will decide that the image size and image dimensions that you send me are okay to put on the website or not.
  3. I will decide that text that you want to put as ad or below image is suitable or not. It should not be for adult content or have any profanity, disrespect for others etc.
  4. If I see that you are deviating from our original agreement and redirecting the ad-link to some wrong, malicious, legally and morally wrong page then I will stop showing your ad. I can not put myself to risk for money. I am sorry as I will not refund your money if you break the initial agreement agreed upon.
  5. All other T&Cs will be discussed over WhatsApp or Email when you get in touch with me.
  6. These T&Cs can be updated anytime and many points may be added to it. If you are interested in advertising with me then please keep an eye on this page.
  7. If you choose to advertise here, this means that you are big and powerful. I am extremely tiny compared to you. So please have kindness on me and support me in maintaining an excellent and legally and morally right work relationship with you. Thank You Sir/Ma’am for understanding.
  8. I do not want any disputes. But still if something comes up then all disputes will be solved between us via written messages like WhatsApp, Email etc. In rare cases I can talk on phone.
    I am very tiny and do not have financial means or reach or time to legally fight with you. If some dispute arises and I see that by talks we are not reaching any settlement, then I will permanently stop all relationship between us. I will just refund your money after deductions and stop all disputes. I am a student struggling to get a job and make ends meet for myself and my family. I can not entangle myself in any problem. Thank you for advertising with me.

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