222. Agent to be indemnified against consequences of lawful acts. The employer of an agent is bound to indemnify him against the consequences of all lawful acts done by such agent in exercise of the authority conferred upon him. Illustrations- (a) B, at Singapore under instructions from A of Calcutta,KEEP READING

223. Agent to be indemnified against consequences of acts done in good faith. Where one person employs another to do an act, and the agent does the act in good faith, the employer is liable to indemnify the agent against the consequences of that act, though it causes an injuryKEEP READING

224. Non-Liability of employer of agent to do a Criminal Act. Where one person employs another to do an act which is criminal, the employer is not liable to the agent, either upon an express or an implied promise, to indemnify him against the consequences of that act. Illustrations- (a)KEEP READING

225. Compensation to agent for injury caused by principal’s neglect. The principal must make compensation to his agent in respect of injury caused to such agent by the principal’s neglect or want of skill. Illustration- A employs B as a bricklayer in building a house, and put up the scaffoldingKEEP READING

226. Enforcement and Consequences of agent’s contracts. Contracts entered into through an agent, and obligations arising from acts done by an agent, may be enforced in the same manner, and will have the same legal consequences, as if the contracts had been entered into and the acts done by theKEEP READING

227. Principal how far bound, when agent exceeds authority. When an agent does more than he is authorised to do, and when the part of what he does, which is within his authority, can be separated from the part which is beyond his authority, so much only of what heKEEP READING

228. Principal not bound when excess of agent’s authority is not separable. Where an agent does more than he is authorised to do, and what he does beyond the scope of his authority cannot be separated from what is within it, the principal is not bound to recognise the transaction.KEEP READING

229. Consequences of notice given to agent. Any notice given to or information obtained by the agent, provided it be given or obtained in the course of the business transacted by him for the principal, shall, as between the principal and third parties, have the same legal consequence as ifKEEP READING

230. Agent cannot personally enforce, nor be bound by, contracts on behalf of principal. In the absence of any contract to that effect, an agent cannot personally enforce contracts entered into by him on behalf of his principal, nor is he personally bound by them.  PRESUMPTION OF CONTRACT TO THEKEEP READING

231. Rights of Parties to a contract made by agent not disclosed. If an agent makes a contract with a person who neither knows, nor has reason to suspect, that he is an agent, his principal may require the performance of the contract; but the other contracting party has, asKEEP READING

232. Performance of contract with agent supposed to be principal. Where one man makes a contract with another, neither knowing nor having reasonable ground to suspect that the other is an agent, the principal, if he requires the performance of the contract, can only obtain such performance subject to theKEEP READING

233. Right of person dealing with agent personally liable. In cases where the agent is personally liable, a person dealing with him may hold either him or his principal, or both of them, liable. Illustration- A enters into a contract with B to sell him 100 bales of cotton, andKEEP READING

234. Consequence of Inducing agent or principal to act on belief that principal or agent will be held exclusively liable. When a person who has made a contract with an agent induces the agent to act upon the belief that’ the Principal only will be held liable, or induces theKEEP READING

235. Liability of pretended agent. A person untruly representing himself to be the authorised agent of another, and thereby inducing a third person to deal with him as such agent, is liable, if his alleged employer does not ratify his acts, to make compensation to the other in respect ofKEEP READING

236. Person falsely contracting as agent not entitled to performance. A person with whom a contract has been entered into in the character of agent, is not entitled to require the performance of it if he was in reality acting, not as agent, but on his own account.  Read ContractKEEP READING

237. Liability of principal inducing belief that agent’s unauthorized acts were authorized. When an agent has, without authority, done acts or incurred obligations to third persons on behalf of his principal, the principal is bound by such acts or obligations, if he has by his words or conduct induced suchKEEP READING