List of Important Contract Act Sections

Section 2 – Interpretation-clause.
Section 3 – Communication, acceptance and revocation of proposals.
Section 4 – Communication when complete.
Section 5 – Revocation of Proposals and acceptance.
Section 6 – Revocation how made.
Section 10 – What agreements are contracts?
Section 11 – Who are competent to contract?KEEP READING

31. “Contingent contract” defined. A “contingent contract” is a contract to do or not to do something, if some event, collateral to such contract, does or does not happen. Illustration– A contracts to pay to B Rs.10,000 if B’s house is burnt. This is a contingent contract. Read Contract ActKEEP READING

17. “Fraud” defined. “Fraud” means and includes any of the following acts committed by a party to a contract, or with his connivance, or by his agents, with intent to deceive another party thereto his agent, or to induce him to enter into the contract- (1) the suggestion as aKEEP READING