2003 – Boarding School

2013 – Joined Law College (B.A.LL.B)

August 2018 – Graduated (Rank 1 in college)



September 2014 – Got a laptop which I still use. WritingLaw has been built using this.

December 2014 – Built personal page and a free very simple personal profile.

Continued reading tech articles and videos. The passion for tech kept growing.

January 2017 – Started a Tech YouTube channel.

By April 2017 – Made 34 videos; Fortunate to get love from 300+ subscribers (without any ill practice or promotion); total 50,000+ views; Video about Samsung Pay reached 10,000 views in 24 hours.

April 2017 – Due to some technical and monetary issues I had to sadly drop this project. Stopped updating the channel.

August 2017 – Read a story on about an Indian tech website which was started as hobby and in very less time started generating good revenue.

Since I love tech, I thought to build a tech website.

September 2017 – Website building started being in mind 24*7 (figuratively)

December 2017 – Temporarily suspended the idea because of 9th-semester law exam.

Tried to buy domain name indiatech dot com. Contacted the seller. The price quoted was 4 lakhs!

Eventually dropped the idea of tech website. Maintaining a tech website single-handedly is almost impossible.

Thought to build a law website. Every law website that I visited for bare acts were not pleasing. They are tiring or have black and white PDFs. I never felt attracted or welcomed by these web pages.
I thought to build a beautiful law website where reading bare acts is appealing, easy, cheerful and pleasingly colourful.
I thought to build a law website where students are not intimidated by the vibe and font of the website/web page.
I thought to build a law website that students would bookmark and consider to return again and again. I hope(d) to make law appear beautiful not frightening; because law really is beautiful, easy and useful.

March 2018 – Bought domain WRITINGLAW.COM for law articles and bare acts. This name sounded easy, memorable and most importantly it was available at a normal price.

Built the website.

By end of March 2018 – Had 200+ posts on the website.

Realized getting visitors on the website is not easy. Earning money from small website was impossible. Later researched about traffic (and income) of some of the biggest law websites in India. Tough journey lay ahead. Almost quit. Helpless.

Very low website stats disheartened me (5-10 people a day). Also, my website had nothing new or unique. Also, Google isn’t kind to new sites.

Learnt about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation); Fixed a lot of issues with the website. Google started being a little kind.

June 2018 – Left website work for 10th Semester Law Exam.

August 2018 – Requested and persuaded a friend who is class topper to write occasional short law articles for free.

18th November 2018 – Got first contribution (₹100) for the website.

March 2019 – One year anniversary! Today WritingLaw has over 3700 bare act posts, PDFs, law articles, law notes, law Q&A, exam papers, etc.



(1) The data below talks only about the date a particular milestone was reached.
For Example- On 18th September for the first time, there were more than 200 new visitors on the website. This, however, does not mean everyday after 18th September there were more than 200 visitors. Some days there were very less than 200 people on the website some days there were around 200.

(2) Other websites get more views on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. This site and maybe other educational websites see a drop in the number of visitors on Sundays, Saturdays, holidays, big cricket matches, IPL, etc. This may be because colleges are closed and students are relaxing on weekends and other big days. The number of visitors on weekends drops by around fifty percent!

(3) It took almost two months to get ten visitors in a single day. It took five months to get a hundred visitors in a single day.

March 2018 – Website built with 200 posts.

29th April 2018 – For the first time more than 10 unique people visited the site in one day.

27th May – More than 20 unique people visited the site in one day.

23 June – More than 30 unique people visited the site in one day.

26th June – More than 40 unique people visited the site in one day.

30th June – More than 50 new people visited the website in one day.

1st August – More than 100 new people visited the website in one day.

18th September – More than 200 new people visited the website in one day.

24th September – More than 300 new people visited the website in one day.

6th December – More than 400 new people visited the website in one day.

21st January 2019 – More than 500 new people visited the website in one day.

5th March 2019 – More than 600 new people visited the website in one day.

7th March 2019 – More than 700 new people visited the website in one day.

12th March 2019 – More than 800, 900 new people visited the website in one day.

3rd July 2019 – More than 1000 new people visited the website today.

5th August 2019 – More than 2000, 3000 new people visited this website today. Feeling amazing.

to be updated…
please help to create memories by sharing this website or any post here with your friends and teachers in your college WhatsApp groups or Facebook… It will help my small website grow. Thank You.



Heart to heart talk-
This website is one of the best thing that I have ever done. Of all my belongings, I love this website the most. This website is like a child to me. I care a lot about it. I am sure you too feel the same for things that are close to you and for which you have worked really hard with all honesty. I learnt how to build a website; spent a lot of money and invested huge amounts of time.
I am pretty sure that in last 10 months I have worked for more than 18 hours a day on at least 60 to 90 occasions (days). My back and neck got swore in the initial days. I would switch from working on my folding bed (which is very inconvenient) to working on floor or work standing. My PG had/has no table chair where I can work comfortably.

All this hard work makes me adore my website even more. I feel connected to it.

The happiness I get when someone leaves a comment or contributes is beyond words. The satisfaction I get after updating a post or making a positive change to the look and interface of the website is beyond my writing powers. It is like the first time you unbox your new phone or the time when you get a comfortable seat in crowded train, auto or metro. I don’t know why I am making these comparisons!

I really want this website to succeed. I have so many great plans and ideas for this website—
# update this website daily,
# bring law news / opinions / college study materials / university exam Q&A / law exams question paper / information about exam centres,
# provide 24*7 online law chat support.
had this for one month, May-June 2018. Later due to lack of resources I had to remove this feature.

But it is almost impossible to make these plans come true due to many reasons like lack of financial resources, lack of manpower, lack of my coding knowledge etc. But I am very confident and determined to keep this website alive. Once I get a decent job I would make investments in this website.

First of all I would hire a person to regularly maintain this website. Here by maintain I mean daily write for this website, update social media accounts / be active there etc. Now a days social media is a great tool to increase visitors and interact with them. I would pay this person from my job’s salary. If I am not able to afford a full time person, I would definitely hire a college student who would work on a part time basis.

Once this website starts getting recognition and starts to generate even half of what I would be earning in my job, I would resign and work full time for this website. THIS IS MY DREAM! Extended version of this dream also includes having a robust tech website.

I try to give this website a personal, clean touch so that visitors are relaxed reading bare acts here.

I know my website is clean, beautiful, simple and fast but I also know that it mostly has bare acts. You can find bare acts on hundreds of other websites. I know this.

But what makes my website unique and beautiful is the way I have presented the bare acts— clean, systematic, with direct section links, internal links, proper headings, pictures, bold letters, different colours for illustrations / case names / explanations etc. More about it here.

I want that students like my presentation and bookmark bare acts present here. I wish they return here every time they want to read a bare act like Constitution, IPC, CPC, CrPC, Evidence etc. I wish that they find it worthy of sharing this website with their classmates or college teachers.

In future I want my website to expand and not just be limited to bare acts. I have started publishing Law Notes and Law Question and Answers too. Hope you like them. Now I have also started free practice law test of multiple choice questions. I have many things to do…

Finally, I am very thankful to my parents and the Gods I pray, for everything in my life. I am sure everything would turn out to be good. Thank you for your time. It is visitors like you who are helping me achieve my dreams!

I don’t know what a happy ending is.

Life isn’t about endings, is it?

It’s a series of moments.

Come back in ten years. See how I’m doing then.

I could be married with kids. You don’t know…

Life just goes on.

(The Office UK)



  1. Dear Ankur sir, thank you so much for making such quality website. your beautiful and stunning website tells us how much efforts and hardwork you have done.I really appreciate you.hence I have given you a little bit of donation to you. And I will definitely help you in the future also.keep working inspired us.take care bro.

    1. Author

      Dearest Adv Deepak Ji,
      Thank You so much for your kind and motivating words. Your comment is the first thing I saw today morning. It has really made my day.

      Today, I have to make 350+ individual Constitution of India posts (for each article). This is very time consuming and tiring but your comment has really given me a big boost to work more. I am starting my day happy, excited and motivated because of your words for me.

      And I got your kind contribution too. Thank You for this. It is very helpful in keeping this website online, updated and ad-free.

      Due to you I certainly have a good start to my day. Hope you too have a great day and a healthy time ahead.
      All the best. Thank You.
      🙂 🙏

      1. Dear ankur sir, pleasure is mine. Sorry for late reply. You are really such a honest, hardworking, dedicated person towards your ambitions. The biggest proof is your website WRITINGLAW. I will be with you in your journey.never give up in any situation. I wish you and bless you with all my heart.keep working brother.god bless you.take care💐😊🙏

        1. Author

          Thank you Deepak Ji for your kind words and your very big monetary contribution.
          Both the things matter a lot for me and this website. I am very thankful to you.
          I also wish that you do great in everything that you do.

          I am really very blessed to have readers like you.

          Thank you Deepak Ji. 🙏

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