145. Cross-examination as to previous statements in writing.

A witness may be cross-examined as to previous statements made by him in writing or reduced into writing and relevant to matter in question, without such writing being shown to him, or being proved; but if it is intended to contradict him by the writing, his attention must, before the writing can be proved, be called to those parts of it which are to be used for the purpose of contradicting him.

Right of accused to cross-examine witnesses-

Right to cross-examine the witnesses who are examined before framing of charge is very precious right because it is only by cross-examination that the accused can show to the court that there is no need of a trial against him.
Related Case- Harinarayan G. Bajaj v. State of Maharashtra, 2010

Effect of Contradiction-

(i) If a contradiction is put to witness and it is denied by him even then it will not amount putting contradiction to witness.
Related Case- Shaik Subhani v. State of Andhra Pradesh, 2000
(ii) Two statements sought to be contradicted in addition should be drawn to previous statement.
Related Case- Mohanlal Ganga Ram Gehani v. State of Maharashtra, 1982

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