Bare Acts here are very systematic, updated and have links inside them so that you can save a lot of time and read the mentioned sections quickly. You will not find this feature on any other website or even bare act books. More about it on homepage.

Next time you search for a bare act or section on Google, just write the words ‘writinglaw‘ at the end.
Like if you search for IPC on Google then in search box write- IPC writinglawWritingLaw

People do not remember every site that they visit because of web search.
So here are simple steps to save time on your next visit and also be connected.

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It is very simple. Open Chrome and go to any bare act or law note page. And on that page please follow the steps shown in the picture (or read the instructions below.)

Add Writing Law on Android

(Steps 1 to 4. Click on the image to view in better quality and full screen.)

1- Open Chrome on your Android Phone and go to or any page that you think you will need to read again (like bare act page or Law Notes page). You can bookmark as many pages you want.

2- Now in Chrome on top right there are three vertical dots. Click on it. See picture above.

3- Now click on the option ‘Add to Home screen

4- Click ‘ADD

Congratulations… Now you have WritingLaw icon on your home screen.

It looks like a normal app. You can move it wherever you like. When you click on it you will be taken directly to that link. This saves a lot of time.


1- Open Safari browser and go to or any bare act page that you want to bookmark.

2- Now click on the small square with an upward facing arrow on the bottom of your screen. There you will see many options. Two of them are “Add to Home Screen” and “Add to Favourites

3- Click on “Add to Home Screen

4- Click ‘Add

An icon will be created on your iPhone’s/iPad’s home screen.

This will look exactly like normal iPhone application. When you click on it, you will be instantly taken to WritingLaw homepage where you can see latest posts. This option is the best. You can move this icon anywhere you want.

The picture below shows old black logo. Now I have changed it to green. (because I love trees) So you will see green logo when you follow these steps.

Add website to Homescreen

(Steps 1 to 4. Click on the image to view in better quality and full screen.)

But for any reason if you do not want it on your home screen then you can click “Add to Favourites” and then click ‘Save
You will see an icon on the opening page of your Safari Browser. So anytime you open safari you can see the icon and click on it to see the latest posts.


Please click on the STAR and then click ‘Done‘. Please see the picture below.

WritingLaw on Chrome


You can also get and read new law notes, PDFs, Q&A etc in your email. You will not even have to visit this website.

After you fill in your email you will have to go to your email inbox and click confirm.
After that you will start receiving emails for new posts.

You can unsubscribe anytime by one click in the email itself.

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