Legal Maxims PDF

Legal Maxims PDF for CLAT and Law Entrance Exams

Download a colourful and systematic PDF of legal maxims and phrases. These are very important for regular college or university law exams. Legal maxims are also used in court while dealing with actual cases.

Legal Maxims and Legal Phrases PDF

The PDF that you download below has short and easy to understand meaning of many legal maxims and phrases. By reading just once or twice, you will understand the meaning of these legal maxims.

You can start using them in your answers or cases. These will also help you in understanding what these legal maxims mean when you hear your senior or other advocates and judges using these maxims while talking about cases or hearing cases.

This PDF only has those legal maxims, which are important and often used. You should know these. Here is the PDF.


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  1. Good and out standing work but it not enough please upload more legal term and maxim please.

    1. Author

      Thank you very much for your kind words and your suggestion sir.
      Surely I will add more.
      Thank You.

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