5th August 2019

You are my ray of sunshine among clouds!
Today because of you all lovely people and the mighty Google this website was visited by over 3000 new people! This is a record. Feeling good. Over 1000 of you can to read about Article 238.

3rd August 2019

Feeling like a prisoner!
Shocked. Cheated. Put in dark. But this is life…
Et tu, Brute? A Latin sentence meaning “Even you, Brutus?” from the play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare. Caesar utters these words as he is being stabbed to death, having recognized his friend Brutus among the assassins.
Et tu, Gogu?

1st August 2019

Not a good day!
Left alone, rejected, unvalued and devastated. Feeling very low and nothing seems to make sense! So many issues in life from all sides!

31st July 2019

More than 30,000 visitors!
With your love and support the month of July saw well over thirty thousand visitors! This equates to an average of 1000+ visitors everyday!
Thank you.

27th July 2019

Never knew two songs would become my life!
The condition since last 7 days is unexplainable. How does it feel to know that someone like family isn’t even interested in knowing what happens with you or what you are doing! How will it feel if it is the day of new iPhone’s launch but Tim Cook talks about other things but not iPhone! I mean last 7 days have been senseless but piercing and hard!
My only companion are two songs that I listen on repeat from morning to night – Radio Ga Ga by Queen and Giorgio By Moroder by Daft Punk. I had heard that songs heal but had never experienced myself. Now I have.

20 July 2019

Lost one of the most precious things of my life! Maybe forever…
It has been a very tough last one year and the last six months out of it has been cruel. I was getting signs and intuitions that something is not right. I was feeling scared at the thoughts of it. I saw this coming from the horizon. But I would behave like an ostrich putting her head in sand believing if she can’t see her ill-fate then the ill-fate too can not see her or harm her.
Finally today, I lost that precious thing. The signs I was seeing turned true. My intuitions proved right. I am clueless and helpless. My future plan for next 2 years had been built on this foundation. But now that foundation has been demolished. I do not know whether it is my fault or the faults of my principles or a major fundamental fault in my core thinking. I do not know. But still, like always, I would happily and without a doubt agree to take the blame on the rational, sensible part of me.
I am left standing in the rain without a porch over my head. The rain out there is biting. The thunderstorms out there is scary. The lightning is frightening. I am not welcome inside my warm, cosy, beautiful, pristine house of 5 years! I can not even see the door of it in sight. I lost it. Now, battling against this rain, I am looking for a tree to protect me and love me and keep my heart warm like my house once used to do. But I should know that lightning frequently strikes trees…

7th July 2019

Thank you for connecting with me!
I finally replied to all the WhatsApp messages you all had sent me. It was nice knowing you, talking to you all and sending you law content. I am feeling good today.

3rd July 2019

1000+ New visitors today!
After almost 15 months I reached this milestone. Today WritingLaw was visited by one thousand new people. Thank you all. I am grateful to each one of you.

2nd July 2019

Finally I bowed down!
Today I implemented ads on this beautiful website. Surviving on voluntary donation was seeming impossible. Less than 0.1% visitors used to support and it was getting harder to survive. I need your good luck and blessing to see how this journey with ads go. Also today I earned 14 rupees from ads. You can read more about me and why I need your support here.