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Is Abetment Complete Offence

Section 107 to section 120 of the Indian Penal Code deal with abetment. Abetment of an offence is itself an offence as described in section 107 of IPC.

If any person instigates, aids, or conspire for the commission of an offence, he is said to have committed offence of abetment.KEEP READING

Difference Between Motive, Intention, and Knowledge

Motive is the ulterior element for committing a crime. It is something that makes a person commit a crime.

For example, If A and B are enemies for the last 10 years. And one day A kills B. From their previous relation, it can be assumed that what could be the reason for A to kill B. For every crime, there is a reason, and that is motive.KEEP READING

Timeline of Jammu and Kashmir

(1) On 26th Oct 1947, the Instrument of Accession was signed between the Government of India and Hari Singh, who was the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. It was agreed that Jammu and Kashmir would become a part of India.

(2) On 17th Oct 1949, Article 370 was incorporated in the Constitution of India. According to this, Jammu and Kashmir was given a different Constitution and different Flag from India.KEEP READING