Ownership and Possession Notes

Austin- Ownership is a right indefinite in point of user unrestricted in point of disposition and unlimited in point of duration.

From above definition we find three elements:
1. Indefinite user.
2. Unrestricted disposition (dispose off)
3. Unlimited duration.Keep Reading

2019 Current Affairs

India received the award of excellence for ‘Best in show’ at the New York times 2019. It is the largest travel show in north America.

Vijaywada railway station has received gold rating by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for green measures.Keep Reading

Legal Rights and Duties Notes

Right means claims, titles, liberties, powers and immunities summed together.

1. Perfect and Imperfect Rights.
A right which is enforceable by law is a perfect right but a right which is not enforced by law is an imperfect right.
For Example- Time barred debtKeep Reading

Civil Death may be presumed

1. Which provision of Evidence Act reflects for the application of the principle of res judicata?
Ans. Section 40

2. ‘A’ is charged with travelling on a railway without a ticket. The burden of proving that ‘A’ had a ticket is on?
Ans. ‘A’Keep Reading

Evidence unearthed by sniffer dog

1. The evidence unearthed by sniffer dog falls under?
Ans. Scientific Evidence

2. All the confessions are admissions but all the admissions are not confessions. State whether statement is True or False.
Ans. TrueKeep Reading

Maximum number of partners in a partnership

1. Indian Partnership Act came into force on?
Ans. 1 October 1932

2. As per Indian Partnership Act, Business includes?
Ans. Trade, Occupation and ProfessionKeep Reading

Total number of ministers

1. The total number of ministers, including the Prime Minister in the Council of Minister should not exceed?
Ans. 15% of total members of Lok Sabha

2. Residuary powers vests in?
Ans. Parliament under Article 248Keep Reading

Imprisonment for life commuted

1. In how many years a sentence of imprisonment for life can be commuted by the Government?
Ans. 14 years

2. Which section of CrPC provides protection against double jeopardy?
Ans. Section 300Keep Reading

Ocular oral and documentary

1. Evidence under the Evidence Act means and includes?
Ans. Ocular, oral and documentary. (Ocular means ‘connected with eyes or vision’)

2. The Indian Evidence Act has been divided into how many chapters and parts?
Ans. 3 Parts, 11 ChaptersKeep Reading

Natural Justice and Types of bias

Natural justice is an important concept of law. It is also known as substantial justice, universal justice or fair play in action. It is a branch of public law. It is based on law of equity.

From the days of Adam and Kautilya Arthashastra, the rule of law has had the stamp of natural justice which makes it social justice.Keep Reading

Mistake of Fact Contract

1. What is the enforcement date of Indian Contract Act?
Ans. 1 sep 1872

2. Which section says that an agreement without consideration is void?
Ans. Section 25 of Indian Contract ActKeep Reading

Scheduled Tribe Constitution

1. The president’s rule under article 356 remains valid in the state for the maximum period of?
Ans. Six months

2. Article 39A of the Constitution deals with?
Ans. Equal justice and Free legal aidKeep Reading

Voting reduced from 21 to 18

1. When was the first meeting of constituent assembly held ?
Ans. 9th December 1946

2. Which article abolishes practice of untouchability?
Ans. Article 17 of the Constitution of IndiaKeep Reading

Chairman of Constituent Assembly

1. Which act provided for the establishment of supreme court at Calcutta in 1774?
Ans. The Regulating Act, 1773

2. Who became the first viceroy of India?
Ans. Lord Canning in 1858Keep Reading

Handwritten Indian Constitution

1. By which act was the privy council abolished in India?
Ans. Privy council abolishment Act, 1949

2. Who administers oath to the Governor of a state?
Ans. Chief Justice of High Court (Article 159)Keep Reading


1. Rule of absolute liability was propounded by?
Ans. Justice P.N Bhagwati

2. The residuary power of legislation with parliament vests under which article?
Ans. Article 248Keep Reading

Article 17 Untouchability

1. Under which article of the Constitution parliament can form a new state?
Ans. Article 3

2. Which article under Indian Constitution abolishes untouchability?
Ans. Article 17Keep Reading

Article 44 Uniform Civil Code

1. Provision for setting aside ex-party decree is given under?
Ans. Order lX, Rule 13.

2. Which article of the Constitution provides for uniform civil code?
Ans. Article 44Keep Reading

Law Questions and Answers 5

1. Registration of a Hindu Marriage has been provided under?
Ans. Section 8 of HMA.

2. The statement “what cannot be done directly cannot be done indirectly” relates to the doctrine of-
Ans. Doctrine of colorable legislationKeep Reading

Law Question and Answers 4

1. Confession caused by inducement, threat or promise is contained in-
Ans. Section 24 of Indian Evidence Act.

5. Necessity rule as to the admissibility of evidence is contained in-
Ans. Section 32Keep Reading

Law Questions and Answers 3

1. Who is considered as father of Indian evidence act?
Ans. James Stephen.

2. “Evidence is to be weighed and not counted” attracts which section of Evidence act?
Ans. Section 134.Keep Reading

Law Question and Answers 2

1. Code of Criminal Procedure is a subject matter of which list?
Ans. Concurrent List

2. For how many years a person has to be a High Court judge to become a Supreme Court Judge?
Ans. FiveKeep Reading

Law Important Questions 1

1. By which amendment was the Sindhi language added in the VIII schedule of the constitution?
Ans. 21st Amendment, 1967

2. Which case is related to live streaming of the proceedings of supreme court?
Ans. Swapnil Tripathi vs SC of IndiaKeep Reading