Tips to study law in India and remember it

So, whether you start as a law student or a future lawyer, the holy water of law is BARE ACTS.

Now in an easy way I can say that BARE ACTS, as the name says, are the raw, exact, on point rules/laws.

Good lawyers interpret these laws and apply in different cases.KEEP READING

Law Question and Answers 2

1. Code of Criminal Procedure is a subject matter of which list?
Ans. Concurrent List

2. For how many years a person has to be a High Court judge to become a Supreme Court Judge?

Law Important Questions 1

1. By which amendment was the Sindhi language added in the VIII schedule of the constitution?
Ans. 21st Amendment, 1967

2. Which case is related to live streaming of the proceedings of supreme court?
Ans. Swapnil Tripathi vs SC of IndiaKEEP READING

Civil Death may be presumed

1. Which provision of Evidence Act reflects for the application of the principle of res judicata?
Ans. Section 40

2. ‘A’ is charged with travelling on a railway without a ticket. The burden of proving that ‘A’ had a ticket is on?

Ownership and Possession Notes

Austin- Ownership is a right indefinite in point of user unrestricted in point of disposition and unlimited in point of duration.

From above definition we find three elements:
1. Indefinite user.
2. Unrestricted disposition (dispose off)
3. Unlimited duration.KEEP READING

Theories of Punishment in Law Writing Law

What is punishment?
Punishment is the penalty on someone as a result of their wrongdoing.
1. Deterrent Theory.
The object of this theory is not only to prevent the wrongdoer from doing a wrong subsequently but also to make him an exampleKEEP READING

Digital Transformation in Indian Legal Sector

The world is going online. And so are our courts. Most of the aspects of our life now depend on the internet, cloud, and computers.

The legal sector is also inculcating these advanced and much-needed reforms/initiatives.

New initiatives like filing cases online and seeing the dates and other case details online are a thing now.KEEP READING

2019 Current Affairs

India received the award of excellence for ‘Best in show’ at the New York times 2019. It is the largest travel show in north America.

Vijaywada railway station has received gold rating by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for green measures.KEEP READING

Evidence unearthed by sniffer dog

1. The evidence unearthed by sniffer dog falls under?
Ans. Scientific Evidence

2. All the confessions are admissions but all the admissions are not confessions. State whether statement is True or False.