Legal consequences of sexual harassment at the workplace

Section 354A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, deals with punishment for sexual harassment, wherein the accused can be punished with rigorous imprisonment for up to three years or a fine or both.

Also, if a man makes sexually coloured remarks, like passing vulgar comments or asking inappropriate questions, in that case, he shall be punished with imprisonment up to one year or fine or both.KEEP READING

Right to Information as a Fundamental Right

Right to information is merely a statutory right created by the RTI Act, 2005, whereas it is essentially a Fundamental Right guaranteed by the Constitution of India.

Throughout the world, RTI is seen as a key to strengthen the democracy of a country and to ensure the development of its citizens. Even in India, the government enacted the Right to Information Act in 2005, allowing transparency, autonomy, and access to information to Indian citizens.KEEP READING

What are the legal consequences of underage driving

Many district Consumer Forums, in their findings, have clarified that the restaurant owner cannot force its customers to pay Service Charges. The restaurants can only charge for Goods and Service Tax (GST) that is CGST and SGST on the food bill, whereas on alcohol bill Value Added Taxes (VAT) could also be levied.

Also, if you are ordering food and the restaurant charges you for packaging, you can file a consumer complaint against the restaurant.KEEP READING

What if your wife forces you to get separated from your parents

Suppose your wife forces you to get separated from your parents or your joint family, and she puts pressure on you to break all relations with your family.

In that case, you can file for divorce under section 13(1)(ia) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Forcing or putting pressure on the husband to get separated from his family results in mental cruelty as per law.KEEP READING

What are the legal consequences of underage driving

Therefore, if your child is below 18 years of age and is caught driving a motor vehicle without any learner’s license, in that case, you will be penalised under section 199A of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The guardian will be penalised with a maximum of three years of imprisonment and a fine of twenty-five thousand rupees.

The vehicle registration for the commission of offence will be cancelled for twelve months.KEEP READING

How to Write the Best Answer in Judiciary Mains Exam

1. Make Sure You Understand the Question
2. Stick to the Word Limit
3. Keep Your Answers Simple
4. Write Short Sentences
5. Break the Answer in Paragraphs
6. Make Ample Use of Legal Terms
7. Mention Important Case Laws
8. Follow Proper Judgement Writing Format
9. Avoid Using Many Abbreviations
10. Have a Synopsis in Mind
11. Set an Estimated Time Limit for a Question
12. Allot the Last 15 Minutes for RevisionKEEP READING

Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act - Analysis, Key Points, Cases, Criticism

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019, was enacted to safeguard the rights of transgender people.

It was introduced on 19th July 2019 by the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, Mr Thawarchand Gehlot. The Bill received presidential assent on 5th December 2019, and the Act has been in effect since 10th January 2020.KEEP READING

How to Study for State Judicial Exam

1. Select the States You Wish to Appear For
2. See Question Paper of Previous Years
3. Read Bare Acts Several Times
4. In Bare Acts Focus on ‘May’ and ‘Shall’
5. Know Where to Give Less Time
6. Understand Where to Focus More
7. Go Through Landmark Judgements
8. Do Not Burden Yourself With Fat Reference Books
9. Make Synopsis of All Topics
10. Use Charts, Diagrams, and Pictorial Representation
11. Speak Orally What You Studied
12. Do Not Panic and Get Disheartened
13. Revise EverydayKEEP READING

Between Nominee and Legal Heir, who is the Real Owner

Many people during their investments in their lifetime get misled that nominees are real owners, and it often creates confusion due to the regular usage of the word.

The dictionary meaning of the word represents a person who has been officially suggested for a position.

Strictly speaking, a nominee is an act of officially suggesting a person to take care of the properties after death and later pass it on to the legal heirs.KEEP READING

Lok Adalat Need, Functioning, Powers, Benefits

Lok Adalat is one of the significant components of the Alternative Dispute Resolution system. Lok Adalat means People’s Court. It is a forum where the disputes which are pending in a court or are at the pre-litigation stage are settled cordially.

The system of Lok Adalat is based on Gandhian Principles. The Constitution of India has defined a common goal for its citizens to secure all the citizens of India – Justice (social, economic and political), Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.KEEP READING

My Law Coaching Experience in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi

When it comes to law, this institute is a very famous name in Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi. The fees is around 1 lakh 50 thousand.

On 4th October 2019, I accompanied my friend to her coaching. She has been attending this coaching since April 2019. Before her, two of my college friends had also passed out from this same coaching.KEEP READING

National Human Right Commission

Being human, there are certain rights like the right to life, right to dignity, right to livelihood, and many others. Human rights are moral rights. They are universal rights. It is observed that the rights don’t serve the purpose unless they are protected. For the protection of human rights, there have been conventions, summits, and formation of commissions.

This is the reason for the creation of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC).KEEP READING