Death for All Rapists in India

Punishment for Rape in India

There should be merciless and inexorable punishment for offenders of sexual assault. They are a menace to the civilized society and should be punished in the severest terms.

“Judges who bear the sword of justice should not hesitate to use that sword with the utmost severity if the gravity of the offense so demands.”

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Rape Every Hour in India!

Nowadays, with the passage of every single hour comes news of a rape case. It has become like a ringing bell which rings after every hour to remind us that culprits need to get a stringent punishment else it is not going to stop.

It is often said that “Justice should not only be done but should also be visible.”

Death Penalty in Rare of the Rarest Cases

My question is that the Indian Penal Code already defines the death penalty in ‘rare of the rarest cases‘ as propounded in Bachan Singh vs. the State of Punjab, but where are these cases?

How many cases have been put under the category of rare of rarest theory? How many death penalties have already been given to the culprits? What’s the percentage of hanging to death?

I know you are surprised because you must be able to count it on fingers, as there are very few death penalties given.

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Deterrent Theory of Punishment for Rapes

In order to minimize cases like rape, we need to adopt the “deterrent theory of punishment.

As in today’s era, people have lost their thinking power as to what is right and wrong.

In my view, the death sentence is nothing but a joke for the person accused of rape. The punishment should be such which would deter the whole society as to make them think that if they commit such offense, then they are are going to suffer the pain.

Rape has nothing to do with the age factor; whether a girl or a woman, a mother or a sister, all are carrying the same portion of respect.

Knowledge of Sex Education from Early Age

From the very basic, families need to impart sex education as it is essential to their children. Somewhere families lack in doing this. They hesitate to confront their children on sex education, which in fact, is so important. We have to break this barrier of hesitation!


India is among the top ten countries for the offense of rape. People do not have a fear of committing this offense.

Austin, in his definition of the law, said, “law is a command of sovereign passed by sanction.
We need to work on sanctions!

This article has been written by Arushi, who is a final-year law student from New Delhi, India. Opinions expressed are hers.

Editor’s Note

Death in rape cases is much needed, but we have to think that if there is a death penalty for every rape case, then there may be an increase in the number of murders after rape. The rapist would be incited to murder the victim after rape so as to erase all proofs.

Rapes are usually committed in isolation. The victim is the only primary testimony to the incident of rape. Until we strengthen our police system, make CCTV cameras available in isolated streets and corners, raise mass awareness, the idea of the death penalty for EVERY rape case sounds a bit scary.

The day we have a robust mechanism in place, there should be no delay in hanging the rapist, the moment charges against him are proved.

What do you think?

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  1. Ny victim of rape has to fight back..but its too difficult…capital punishment increases probabilty of murder of victim..but also increase deterance and put sanctions on thought of death..

    Although..there is always …difference between crime and justice…

    Politicians never want transparent justice system..otherwise..their valution falls

    Finally..crime is integral buisness part of political buisness

  2. Rapists should be punished by cutting their male organ in public, so the other people will not do such kind of offences again and again, and moreover punishment should very severe in jails. We must adopt retributive theory of punishment in India and try to implement the same. Then only crime rate will decrease gradually.

  3. Victim should be allowed to cut off male organ of rapist in public place. It will deter others and will give some relief to mental agony of victim.

    Rapist thereafter should be given severe punishment with at least 12 hours of work in jail and victim should be allowed to see the agony being suffered by rapiest.

    Further to avoid rape incidences, apart from sexual education from early age, females must be directed to learn self defence, must try not to remain isolated nor should remain in company of susceptive males even if might be relative or very close known friend and top of it all must wear protective gears to cover vagina and anus and breast with soft but hard to break substance or material and must have security locks or mechanisms so the rapiest finds it difficult to break open lock and cover and that may give sufficient time to victim to help herself and if someone tries to break open such covering gears and locking mechanism then there must be warning loud unbearable sound which cannot be stopped so that victim may get help from nearby and such gear can be provided with sensors so it immediately informs police/ relatives of exact location of victim so that help can reach her before misdeed gets done.

  4. The punishment for the rape should be hang till death. At the moment, when the rapist confess guilt of the rape, the action on his crime must be taken immediately.
    The system must do some changes to punish those haiwans. The justice is real when it has done on time.

  5. Yes you have said right, society need to change their mindset and laws should be more strictly followed so that someone thinks 10 times before doing rape.

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