Sources of the Indian Constitution
Various sources of the Constitution of India.

It is said that India does not have anything of its own in the Constitution because we have borrowed concepts from other nations’ Constitutions. In other words, our Constitution is considered a borrowing bag because we have adopted many of our constitutional concepts from different sources.

But there is nothing wrong with it. Adopting good things from others and assimilating in oneself is a wise act. India is a country of rich heritage and cultural values. We are made to learn good things.

After independence, it was a challenge in front of constitutional drafters and makers that what to add and what not to. The country which was ruled for so long, that came across many difficulties, was to be given the Constitution. A country with diversity in culture, linguistics, beliefs, customs, and usages! It was not an easy task.

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Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, the chairman of the drafting committee and other members, proved their capability and intelligence by giving to the people the Constitution of India.

Here are the country-wise sources from where we have adopted or borrowed the essential features of the Constitution of India.

Sources of the Indian Constitution

From the Government of India Act, 1935

1. Federal system
2. Governor’s office
3. Structure of judiciary
4. Public Service Commission
5. Emergency provisions
6. Distribution of power

From the British Constitution

1. Parliamentary system
2. Legislative process
3. Single citizenship
4. Cabinet system
5. Writs
6. Parliamentary privileges
7. Bicameralism
8. Nominal head of state
9. Rule of law
10. Collective responsibility
11. Political party system
12. Real executives

From the Irish Constitution

1. Directive principles of state policy
2. Method of the President’s election
3. Nomination of member in Rajya Sabha

From the American Constitution

1. Fundamental Rights (philosophical part)
2. Independence of Judiciary
3. Judicial review
4. Post of Vice-President
5. The Removal of Supreme Court and High Court Judges
6. Impeachment of President
7. Idea of the Preamble
8. Written Constitution
9. Equal Protection of the Law

From the Australian Constitution

1. Concurrent list
2. Trade and commerce provisions
3. Joint sitting of houses
4. Language of Preamble

From Germany’s Constitution

1. Suspension of rights during emergency

From the French Constitution

1. Republican structure
2. Idea of liberty, equality, and fraternity

From Japan’s Constitution

1. Procedure established by law

From South Africa’s Constitution

1. Amendment procedure
2. Rajya Sabha election

From USSR’s Constitution

1. Fundamental duties
2. Idea of social, economic, political in the Preamble
3. Five-year plan

From the Canadian Constitution

1. Federal structure with powerful center
2. Residuary power in centre
3. Advisory jurisdiction of Supreme Court
4. Union of India
5. Center-state relations

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