14 Indian Constitutional Concepts borrowed from Other Countries14 INDIAN CONSTITUTIONAL FEATURES/CONCEPTS TAKEN FROM OTHER COUNTRIES


Indian Constitution has the best of all worlds. There are many features/concepts which have been taken or inspired from different countries. Here is a list of 14 features in Indian Constitution that has been taken from other countries.

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United Kingdom – Parliamentary government.

United Kingdom – Rule of Law.

United Kingdom – Single citizenship.

United Kingdom – Cabinet system.

United Kingdom – Concept of equality before law.

Ireland – Directive Principles of State Policy.

U.S.A – Fundamental Rights.

U.S.A – Judicial review.

U.S.A – Independence of judiciary.

Canada – Federation with a strong Centre.

(USSR) Russia – Fundamental duties.

Germany – Emergency provisions.

South Africa – Procedure for amendment of the Constitution.

Japan – Concept of “procedure established by Law”.


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