Law Study Material PDFs and MCQ Tests

1. There are 53 important, updated Bare Act PDFs.
2. There is one PDF with 100 law notes.
There are 100 PDFs with one law note each.
3. 121 Legal Maxims PDF.
4. 300 short Multiple Choice Questions PDF.
5. 18 Important Recent Amendments in Bullet Points

100 Frequently Asked Questions with Answers in Judiciary Exams

Here is a beautiful, colourful and very functional PDF having 100 short questions with answers which are extremely important for judiciary exams and many other law exams.

The questions and answers have links in them so that you can read that topic in detail if you want.

You can also take a free online test before or after reading these question and answers.KEEP READING

Legal Maxims PDF

Download a colourful and systematic PDF of Legal Maxims and Phrases.
These legal maxims are very important for regular college or university law exams and is also used in court while dealing with actual cases.
This PDF only has those legal maxims which are very important and which are often used. You should definitely know these.KEEP READING

Law Notes On Important Topics

Here is a single beautiful, spacious PDF with all the 100 Law Notes that are on this website.

This PDF has over 352 pages and every Law Notes starts on a new page.

There is good gap between all law notes. The PDF is not crowded.KEEP READING


Here is a great and very helpful PDF for the Indian Penal Code made by WritingLaw.

You can use the Section Index box and read that section quickly in your phone browser without having to scroll through 570 pages of this PDF!

Companies Act 1956 and 2013

COMPANIES ACT, 2013 and 1956 PDF Here is the PDF file for Companies Act, 2013 and 1956. This PDF is not created originally by me. I have sourced this (according to fair use policy) from the government of India website The aim of law/rule is to reach maximum people. IKEEP READING