Ocular oral and documentary

1. Evidence under the Evidence Act means and includes?
Ans. Ocular, oral and documentary. (Ocular means ‘connected with eyes or vision’)

2. The Indian Evidence Act has been divided into how many chapters and parts?
Ans. 3 Parts, 11 ChaptersKEEP READING

20 Law Questions

PDF for 20 law question and answers. These question are very short and and have one word or one sentence answers. These questions are important for various competitive law exams.

The 20 law questions in this PDF are mixed and of all kinds.
This randomness helps you prepare for exams that have multiple choice questions.KEEP READING

Law Questions and Answers 5

1. Registration of a Hindu Marriage has been provided under?
Ans. Section 8 of HMA.

2. The statement “what cannot be done directly cannot be done indirectly” relates to the doctrine of-
Ans. Doctrine of colorable legislationKEEP READING