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27th February, 2021 (Saturday)

1. A petition against the opening of the school by the state government has been registered in the High Court of Chattisgarh. The petition was filed as the schools are being opened without having done the vaccination of students. Full Story

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2. The High Court of Delhi has been instructed by the Central Government that the channel owners must check that their telecast does not violate the Programme Code and check that a Fact-Checking Unit has been established to confront fake news. Full Story

3. The High Court of Madras has instructed Tamil Nadu state to compensate Rs 5 lakhs to a Dalit petitioner whose daughter has died due to the inconveniences that happened after administering anaesthesia in a government hospital. Full Story

4. The High Court of Karnataka has directed the administrative side of the Court to file a resolution with the state government on the establishment of another special court to handle the criminal cases of Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assembly. The Court has stated that “If one more court is set up, issues of cognizance of cases, etc., will be sorted.” Full Story

5. The Central Government has proposed a full ban on the slaughter of cow, calf, bull, and bullock in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. It also proposed that the one who violates this law will be punished with the maximum punishment of life imprisonment. In addition to this, it also strives to ban the sale, storage, or transportation of beef or beef products in any form. Full Story

26th February, 2021 (Friday)

1. Nodeep Kaur, a Dalit labour activist, has been permitted bail by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana in an attempt to murder case. She has been in Police custody in Haryana since January 12 because of a labour protest that urged for higher wages which occurred simultaneously with the ongoing farmers’ agitation against three new central laws at the Kundli border of New Delhi. Full Story

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2. The request of the Senior Advocate Harish Salve for reducing the foreign scholarship that is given to two Indian students by him has been accepted by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal of New Delhi. The scholarship was provided as “expenditure solely and exclusively for the purposes of business or profession” under Section 37(1) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Full Story

3. A notice in a PIL that was filed looking for guidance to the Government for executing a Caste Wise Census for Backward Classes in 2021 has been issued by the Supreme Court. Full Story

4. The Supreme Court has asked the former District Judge from Madhya Pradesh to withdrew the petition filed by him, challenging the disciplinary proceedings commenced by the MP High Court on the sexual harassment allegations made by a junior judicial officer. However, the Court has granted him the liberty to appear for the inquiry. Full Story

25th February, 2021 (Thursday)

1. The Central Government has informed the High Court of Delhi that although the decriminalisation of homosexuality is given under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, there is no fundamental right to same-sex marriage. The statement was made in a Central Government’s affidavit that was filed in a petition requesting the recognition of same-sex marriage in the Hindu Marriage Act. Full Story

2. The High Court of Allahabad has repudiated the bail plea that was filed by Aparna Purohit, India Head of Amazon Prime Video, in the case reported against her related to the web series ‘Tandav’. The Court stated that the use of the word ‘tandav‘ as the name of a series could be abusive to the citizens of our country as it is related to a specific act dedicated to Lord Shiva. Full Story

3. A United Kingdom court has ruled that Nirav Modi, a diamond merchant, can be deported to India to face charges of fraud and money laundering of Rs 14,000 crore in the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam case. While dismissing the arguments of Modi that his mental health was getting worse due to the epidemic and conditions in India’s jail, the Court stated that the Central Bureau of Investigation had shown his control over dummy firms. Full Story

24th February, 2021 (Wednesday)

1. A petition proposing to postpone the decision of resuming physical hearings till all the advocates are vaccinated has been filed in the High Court of Delhi. Full Story

2. The High Court of Punjab and Haryana has adjourned the hearing of the bail petition filed by Nodeep Kaur, a Dalit labour activist. She has been in the custody of Haryana Police since January 12. The new adjourned date for the hearing is February 26. The plea was filed stating that she was falsely indicted as accused in an FIR filed under various sections, including Section 307 (attempt to murder) of the IPC. Full Story

3. The High Court of Calcutta has set aside the order whereby the blind professor was removed from the position of the Head of the Bengali Department by the Haringhata Mahavidyalaya. The professor was removed merely on the ground of his physical disability. The Court observed that it is in direct infringement of the provisions of the Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016. Full Story

4. The State of Uttar Pradesh has filed a writ petition looking for the transfer of custody of Mukhtar Ansari, BSP MLA, to face trial in UP in ten cases that involve murder, extortion, etc. He is presently in prison in Punjab. Full Story

23rd February, 2021 (Tuesday)

1. The Delhi High Court has stated that it can’t interfere with the Bar Council of India to make the process of enrollment completely online. But the court has directed the Council to take steps to make the process of enrollment more transparent and convenient. Full Story
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2. The Patiala House court today stated that if there is no sufficient evidence found on records, then there left no reason for not granting bail to a 22-year-old climate activist Disha Ravi. She got the bail. Full Story

3. The Himachal Pradesh High Court today held that the right to marry is a well-recognized right in Indian society. Every boy or girl who is major has “liberty” to take their life in the direction they want. Emphasizing the statement that “A girl is not a cattle or non-living thing but a living independent soul having rights like others.” Full Story

4. The Allahabad High Court is all set to start with the Virtual traffic court, interoperable criminal justice system and integrated civil court data with land records. The period of the pandemic has urged us to look the life differently. It is high time to make use of technology in access to justice. Full Story

22nd February, 2021 (Monday)

1. The All India Bar Examination (AIBE) has been postponed by the Bar Council of India. The new date of the exam is April 25, 2021. In the same way, the date of the registration has also been extended to March 22, 2021. Full Story

2. Disha Ravi, a climate activist, has been taken to police custody for one day. She was arrested from her Bengaluru residence on February 13 for her share in creating the Toolkit. Full Story

3. The High Court of Bombay has permitted provisional bail to 81-year-old poet-activist Varavara Rao on medical grounds. He was involved in the Bhima-Koregaon case along with nine other activists. And, he is currently undergoing treatment at Mumbai’s Nanavati hospital. Further, the Court has also instructed him to stay in Mumbai and be available for inquiry whenever needed. Full Story

4. A petition requesting the Court to take suo motu cognizance in the case of the suspected murder of two minor Dalit girls and the crucial condition of the third in unusual situations in Babuhara village, District Unnao of Uttar Pradesh, has been filed in the High Court of Allahabad. Full Story

20th February, 2021 (Saturday)

1. The High Court of Delhi has instructed that all its benches will proceed with the physical hearing of the matters in physical mode from March 15. And, the subordinate courts will also operate physically from March 15. Full Story

2. The High Court of Kerala has observed that the act of gold smuggling does not amount to a “terrorist act” under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act unless it is done with the intent to threaten the economic safety of the nation. The observation was made while rejecting the petitions that were filed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) challenging the order of the Special NIA Court at Kochi. The Court further authorized bail to ten persons who were charged in the diplomatic channel gold smuggling case. Full Story

3. A PIL looking for the directions to announce breach of oath inflicted by Union Minster, General (Rtd.) VK Singh, after he brought some unwelcoming statements on the India China-LAC issue, has been filed before the Supreme Court. General (Rtd.) V.K. Singh is presently serving as the Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways. He was also a former Indian Army Chief. Full Story

4. On February 18, 2021, the High Court of Telangana has concluded to begin the physical hearings in the High Court from February 22, 2021 (Monday). However, the virtual hearing of the cases will also go on, on a rotation basis. Full Story

19th February, 2021 (Friday)

1. While dealing with the cases related to the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, convicting a person for committing sexual assault under Sections 354, 354A of the Indian Penal Code and Section 10 of the POCSO Act, a special court stated that the definition of “private part” must be interpreted in accordance with the social context. The Court further held that Google’s definition of not containing bum in the private part is not an acceptable interpretation as far as Indians are concerned. Full Story

2. The High Court of Madras has observed that sitting on a hunger strike does not come under the attempt to commit suicide, and it cannot attract section 309 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalises suicide attempt. The following observation was made while quashing the petition that was filed against the petitioner charging him of the offence under Section 309 IPC after he participated in a hunger strike from August 15, 2013, to August 24, 2013. Full Story

3. While rejecting the PIL that was filed by Indic Collective Trust represented by its president TR Ramesh, the High Court of Madras stated that television channels communicating spiritual enquiry, timeless teachings of prophets and the sthala Purana of places of worship was not different but is something undertaken all over the world. The PIL was filed requesting to quash the government order of launching the channel relating to religious programmes on the grounds of several factual and other inaccuracies. Full Story

4. The special judge of MP/MLA Court in West Bengal has prosecuted Union Home Minister Amit Shah on February 22 (Monday) related to a defamation case filed against him by Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee. The attendance of Shah is necessary either personally or through a lawyer to answer to a charge of defamation under Section 500 of the Indian Penal Code. Full Story

18th February, 2021 (Thursday)

1. The Delhi Police has denied allegations of leaking personal chats and documents related to its investigations against Disha Ravi, a climate activist in ​​a case of sedition in editing a toolkit related to farmers’ protests. This was done while hearing a plea filed by Disha Ravi looking for directions to prohibit the Delhi Police from leaking any investigation material connected to the case filed against her by the Special Police. Full Story

2. The High Court of Jharkhand has instructed the Secretary of the Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority (JHALSA) to inspect the matter of MGM Hospital’s negligence in treating a woman burns patient in Jamshedpur. Advocate Anoop Aggarwal, who wrote a letter to the Chief Justice in the case, said that the woman was 91 per cent burnt. Still, she was being treated in the general ward instead of the burn ward. And she died due to negligence in treatment. Full Story

3. Yesterday, the Chief Justice of Telangana High Court Hema Kohli and Justice B. Vijaysen’s bench of the High Court of Telangana took action on their own apprehension against the murder of a lawyer couple near Hyderabad. The couple was killed in daylight on the main road near Kalvacherla village in Peddapalli district. The couple had earlier complained about the harassment. Full Story

4. A notice to the Haryana Government on a batch of writ petitions that were filed challenging the Section 101A put by Haryana assembly in the Right to Fair Compensation Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013 has been issued by the Supreme Court today. Full Story

5. Yesterday, the High Court of Karnataka has declared that it is the duty of the State Government to form one or more Juvenile Justice Boards for every district to exercise powers and discharge their functions relating to children in dispute with the law within the meaning of the Juvenile Justice Act. Full Story

6. Sabnam, who was convicted with her lover Salim for murdering her family in 2008, is perhaps to become the first woman to be hanged to death after India’s independence. The mercy petition of her has already been rejected by the Governor and President. As stated by the jailor Rakesh Verma, she will be transferred to Mathura district jail after the death warrant against her will be received. Mathura Jail is the only prison in the country that has an execution room for females. Full Story

17th February, 2021 (Wednesday)

1. Yesterday, the High Court of Chattisgarh contemplated that the seriousness of the offence cannot be made a basis for the rejection of bail to a juvenile. The following observation was made while granting bail to a juvenile. Full Story

2. The criminal case registered against the founders of Unocoin company for establishing a Bitcoin ATM in Bengaluru in the year 2018 has been suppressed by the High Court of Karnataka. Full Story

3. The petition filed by the Association of Diplomate of National Board Doctors challenging the National Board of Examination’s notice through which it extended training of the DNB candidates has been rejected by the Supreme Court yesterday. It was stated in the petition that as National Board of Examination is not a statutory body, it does not have the right to issue the notification. Full Story

4. The High Court of Madras has recently observed that “having noted that the petitioner’s right to a speedy trial has been infringed, I cannot wring my hands in despair”. The following observation was made while instructing the Narcotics Control Bureau (prosecution) to compensate Rs. 1 lakh to the petitioner-accused. Full Story

16th February, 2021 (Tuesday)

1. A plea before the Supreme Court has been filed by Advocate Pradeep Kumar Yadav, a contesting candidate in the upcoming SCBA elections. The plea has been filed looking for the instructions to conduct upcoming Supreme Court Bar Association elections 2020-2021, through “secret ballot” in physical form. Full Story

2. The High Court of Delhi has permitted the climate activist Disha Ravi to talk to her mother for 15 minutes with the allowance for providing warm clothes, homemade food, and books. Along with this, the Court has also allowed her to look into the copy of the Chargesheet, arrest memo, grounds of arrest, and remand application. She has also been allowed to meet with her lawyer for 30 minutes. She was charged with the sedition for ‘formulation and dissemination’ of a toolkit to aid protesting farmers which controversial environmentalist Greta Thunberg shared. Full Story

3. The High Court of Madras has declined from providing bail to former High Court Judge, CS Karnan in case of uploading offensive online videos. Karnan has taken the defence of mental instability which is repudiated by a Single Bench of Justice V. Bharathidasan of the Madras High Court. Full Story

4. The notice on a plea filed by advocates Vishal Thakre, Abhay Yadav, and Pranvesh, a law researcher has been issued by the Supreme Court. The plea was filed asking for direction to declare the ordinances – The Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2020 and the Uttarakhand Freedom of Religion Act, 2018 as ultra-vires. The Court has instructed the state authorities to not give force to the ordinances passed by the concerned governments. Full Story

15th February, 2021 (Monday)

1. Siddique Kappan, a Kerala journalist, has been provided bail for five days by the Supreme Court. The bail has been provided following the application that was filed by the Kerala Union Working Journalists looking for his release to meet his 90-year-old bed-ridden mother who is suffering from an illness. Full Story

2. The High Court of Uttarakhand has rejected the petitions that were filed by various hydropower project companies against the Uttarakhand government while retaining the water tax on hydropower generation. Full Story

3. The High Court of Delhi has directed the National Minorities Commission (NCM) to file a status report acknowledging why many posts have been lying vacant since October 2020. The report has to be filed within ten days. The matter is listed to be heard on March 8, 2021. Full Story

4. The District Consumer Redressal Forum at Bengaluru has instructed a coaching institute to refund the fee that was collected from the father whose daughter has failed in class 9. The Court has held the coaching institute liable for ‘deficiency of service’ under the Consumer Protection Act. Full Story

13th February, 2021 (Saturday)

1. The High Court of Delhi has restricted permitting the tender by the Horticulture Department of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to keep more than 700 parks across Delhi. The Court stated that “it appears that the way these contracts are structured and worked out, there is serious malpractice and, possibly, corruption involved.” The Court has further instructed the Delhi Development Authority to file a counter-affidavit and registered the matter for March 8, 2021. Full Story

2. If the Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021 will be cleared by Parliament, it will inflict a blanket ban on the transaction of cryptocurrency by corporations and individuals. The bill is likely to be laid before the Parliament’s ongoing budget session. Full Story

3. The Supreme Court has instructed the Center to assure the framing of appropriate guidelines that would govern and enable the grant of a writer to a Civil Services aspirant, who is also a “persons with disabilities” for appearing in the examination and for any other competitive selection conducted under the authority of the Government. Full Story

12th February, 2021 (Friday)

1. The Supreme Court has issued a notice in a petition that requests for a mechanism to check Twitter’s contents and advertisements that are seditious, hateful and incite hatred among communities in India. Full Story

2. The Supreme Court has permitted six weeks more time to the government to decide on the mercy petition of Balwant Singh Rajoana, who was awarded death sentence in the murder case of the then Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh. Full Story

3. The Supreme Court has rescinded a petition that was filed requesting to start the criminal contempt proceedings against the police officials who has assaulted Dr Dinesh K. Pradhan, District Judge of Aurangabad, Bihar. Full Story

4. The High Court of Kerala has passed a judgement stating that if there is a one-sided withdrawal of approval by a spouse from a joint petition that is filed for divorce after the other party has performed its duties under the agreement, it is unsustainable in law. Full Story

11th February, 2021 (Thursday)

1. While hearing the petition of the family of farmer Navpreet Singh, who died due to the overturning of a tractor during the tractor parade of farmers on January 26, 2021, the High Court of Delhi has directed the Delhi Police to file a detailed status report for the same. The matter will be heard on February 26, 2021. Full Story

2. The High Court of Delhi has approved the East Kidwai Nagar Redevelopment project to the condition that the compensatory tree plantation will be carried out completely. Full Story

3. The High Court of Delhi has quashed an FIR filed under section 376 of the Indian Penal Code after the petitioner has married the prosecutor. The accused has filed the petition requesting the directions to quash the FIR filed under section 376 (Rape) of IPC and section 6 (aggravated penetrative sexual assault) of POCSO Act. Full Story

10th February, 2021 (Wednesday)

1. Plea that was filed looking for the directions by the State Government to issue an order declaring Lord Muruga as Tamil God has been rejected by the High Court of Madras. While rejecting the plea, the Court also stated that “it would cause damage to the very fibre of the federal and secular nature of this great nation”. Full Story

2. The High Court of Kerala has awarded temporary protection to actor Sunny Leone, her husband Daniel Weber and their employee Sunil Rajani from arrest. They reached the High Court following an FIR reported against them for offences given under Sections 406 and 420 read with Section 34 of the Indian Penal Code. There’s an allegation that they failed to perform a stage show after receiving Rs 39 lakhs as consideration. Full Story

3. The High Court of Karnataka has observed that it cannot start contempt proceedings for the breach of orders that were passed by Karnataka Appellate Tribunal (KAT) because it is not inferior to the High Court as given in section 10 of the Contempt of Courts Act. Full Story

9th February, 2021 (Tuesday)

1. Yesterday, the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir observed that “there cannot be any vested right for the students with regard to the mode in which the examination of students is to be conducted.” The statement was made while denying the request of the petitioners to execute their examinations in online mode. Full Story

2. A petition challenging the demeaning comments that were made against them by a 5-member Bench of the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) in order, has been filed in the Supreme Court by three sitting members of the NCLAT. As per the petitioners the Bench has crossed its limits of the jurisdiction and has rendered unsavoury and most disparaging comments which tend to be personal against the referral bench. Full Story

3. The maintainability of the writ petition filed in the Supreme Court by the State of Uttar Pradesh requesting for the transfer of Mukhtar Ansari to UP from Punjab has been challenged by him. Mukhtar Ansari is a BSP MLA from Uttar Pradesh and is currently lodged in a jail in Punjab. The Court will hear the case to an extent on February 24, 2021. Full Story

8th February, 2021 (Monday)

1. The High Court of Karnataka has observed that the very fact that a woman has high educational qualifications is not a reason by itself to presume that she can maintain herself. The observation was made while rejecting the revision petition filed by a husband challenging the order which instructed him to pay Rs 3,000 per month to his wife. Full Story

2. The High Court of Allahabad has rejected the petition filed against the allotment of land in Ayodhya’s Dhannipur village for the construction of a mosque. The petition was filed by the two Delhi-based sisters who had moved to the Allahabad High Court on February 3, claiming ownership of the five-acre land assigned to the Uttar Pradesh Sunni Central Waqf Board for the mosque. Full Story

3. The decision of the Bar Council of India and subsequent brochure that is issued by the Karnataka State Law University requiring an examination on the intermediate semester law students has been quashed and set aside by the High Court of Karnataka. Full Story

6th February, 2021 (Saturday)

1. The High Court of Delhi has denied from quashing an FIR by one Akhtar who deceitfully represented himself as Shiva and had a physical relationship with a Hindu girl following a promise of marriage with her. The Court observed that “in crimes which seriously endangers the well being of the society, it is not safe to leave the crime doer only because he and the victim have settled the dispute amicably.” Full Story

2. Today the Diamond Jubilee of the High Court of Gujarat was celebrated with India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi through video conference. They also released a commemorative postage stamp of the Gujarat High Court. The Prime Minister has also exalted (praised) the virtual hearings taking place across courts in India in the mid of the pandemic. Full Story

3. The High Court of Himachal Pradesh has dismissed a plea that was filed by a man who is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. The Court also observed that the victim sending a friend request to the accused on Facebook does not give him the right to establish sexual relations with the minor girl. Full Story

4. The petition challenging the constitutional validity of section 124A of the Indian Penal Code has been filed in the Supreme Court of India. The plea states that a colonial provision such as Section 124A which was intended to overpower the subjects of the British crown should not be allowed to continue in a democratic republic within the scope of the continued expansion of fundamental rights. Full Story

5th February, 2021 (Friday)

1. The central government has agreed to give the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2020 candidates an additional chance in 2021 who gave their last attempt last October. However, the government stated that the candidates who are above the prescribed age limit will not be allowed to avail this relief. The next hearing on this matter will be on February 8, 2021. Full Story

2. An interim bail has been granted to stand-up comic Munawar Faruqui. He was arrested on January 2 of this year following a complaint by a leader’s son for hurting Hindu sentiments at a comedy show in Indore. Full Story

3. The High Court of Madras has ordered the Municipal Corporation to waive the license fee for running a shop in a bus stand during the entire period of the total lockdown. The Court has given the order when considering a writ petition filed by R Narayan, who was running a shop in the Nagercoil bus stand on a license from the Nagercoil Municipal Corporation. Full Story

4. While dismissing a plea that was filed requesting for the withdrawal of Justice DY Chandrachud from hearing a case, the Supreme Court observed that a litigant cannot seek for the withdrawal of the judge from hearing a case only on the ground that it will not get a decision in its favour. The Court stated that “A litigant cannot be permitted to browbeat the Court by seeking a Bench of its choice.” Full Story

4th February, 2021 (Thursday)

1. The High Court of Allahabad has granted conditional anticipatory bail to Afsan Ansari, the wife of Mukhtar Ansari. Afsan Ansari is accused of illegally building a hotel on government wastelands through fake and unauthorized sales deeds. She was held liable under sections 420, 423, 465, 467, 468, 471, 474, 477-A and 120B of the IPC. Full Story

2. While reserving the decision in the anticipatory bail petition that was filed by Aparna Purohit, Original Content Head (India) of Amazon Prime, the High Court of Allahabad has also granted protection to her against violent actions till the pronouncement of the decision. Full Story

3. A petition filed by N R Santosh, personal secretary to the Chief Minister, has been rejected by the High Court of Karnataka on February 1, 2021. The petition was filed by him requesting the Court to quash a kidnapping case registered against him in 2018, by one K.S. Eshwarappa, who works as an advisor to the Opposition Leader. Full Story

4. Yesterday, a petition was filed in the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court over the dispute of the five acres of land allotted to the UP Sunni Central Waqf Board to build a mosque in Dhanipur village in Ayodhya. In the petition, the petitioners have claimed their right on five acres out of the allotted land. The hearing on this matter is expected to be done on February 8, 2021. Full Story

3rd February, 2021 (Wednesday)

1. A petition has been filed by 140 lawyers in the Supreme Court requesting for the restoration of the internet at Singhu, Ghazipur and Tikri, during the ongoing farmers’ protests. Full Story

2. The High Court of Delhi has sought response from the Center and WhatsApp on a petition in which court’s directions to provide people with an option to opt-out of sharing their personal data with Facebook, which is mandated by the new policy of WhatsApp is sought. The matter will be further heard on March 19, 2021. Full Story

3. A PIL that was filed looking for action against China-backed fake loan apps has been dismissed by the Supreme Court. While dismissing the petition, the Court asked the petitioner to approach the Union Ministry with the proper and relevant representation. Full Story

2nd February, 2021 (Tuesday)

1. The High Court of Delhi has rejected a PIL that was filed requesting for the release of those who were illegally detained during the farmer’s protest. The Court stated that the Delhi Police’s actions have violated the rights given under Articles 14, 21, and 22 of the Constitution of India. Full Story

2. A complaint which stated that the Bar Council of India was “abusing its dominant position” by setting a maximum age limit to enter into the legal education has been rejected by the Competition Commission of India. Mr Thupili Raveendra Babu, aged 52-years, had filed the complaint. He wanted to pursue legal education after his retirement. Full Story

3. The Supreme Court has observed that the offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act are offences against society. This observation was made while setting aside the decision of the High Court of Gujarat in which it discharged an accused who was convicted for the offences that are punishable under Section 7 read with Sections 13(1) and 13(2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act. Full Story

4. The High Court of Government has ordered the state government to file a reply regarding the preventive steps that are to be taken in the State amid the blast that occurred near the Shivamogga town on January 21. The blast has occurred when a truck carrying explosives for excavation exploded. Full Story

1st February, 2021 (Monday)

1. Chief Justice of India SA Bobde has said that the process for resuming the physical hearing has started and will be reconsidered from time to time through hybrid hearings. He also stated that physical hearing would soon begin based on normal listing and not on the consent of the AORs/advocates. Full Story

2. A PIL has been filed before the High Court of Chhattisgarh requesting to stop the theft of deity from tribal’s temples and to arrest the gang. Full Story

3. The High Court of Madhya Pradesh has stated that a married daughter also has the right to receive a compassionate appointment. The observation was made while hearing a case in which the petitioner has applied for the compassionate appointment in the Jail Department after her parents’ death and her application was dismissed on the ground that she was married. Full Story

4. The High Court of Delhi has denied from setting aside the Trial Court’s order that directed the extension in the period of investigation and custody of the accused for 45 days. The Court also directed the investigating agency to speed up in the investigation. Full Story

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